What’s in a Brand Name?

Recent research has shown that 44% of people in the UK would strike up a conversation over a pun in a business name, so when it comes to naming your business – could adding a little bit of humour work in your favour?

At Exponential-e we frequently hear an abundance of variations on our name. Not in a “pun intended” way but purely because it is often misspelt or mistaken for something else over the telephone or in email conversations.

We know that it’s a little longer than some of our competitor’s names but the term resonates with our business and is at the core of what we do. We innovate and achieve.

What does Exponential-e mean?

Exponential growth is something that we have strived for since the beginning of our company and something that we have achieved too. Launching something innovative in our first year, and continuing the trend throughout our 13 years of business has allowed our company to expand quickly; frequently outdoing previously set goals and expectations.

It all gets a bit confusing if you aren’t mathematically minded when researching our name on Wikipedia, but this graph example defines the meaning of Exponential e and the way in which our company has developed. From where there was nothing we have grown exponentially.


But whilst this term perfectly summarises our business model and achievements since 2002, could the difficulty in pronouncing and spelling it stand in our way?

I don’t necessarily believe so. Whilst we may receive emails with our company name spelt incorrectly, or phone calls where our name is mispronounced – I think this happens with a number of companies and not just ours. It also inspires intrigue and defines us.

Is comedy always the best choice?

With 20% of survey respondents stating that they would avoid a business purely based on its name, it’s clear that making the right choice in naming your business is essential. Whilst it’s incredibly jovial to have a pun inclusive company name – could you potentially put new customers off because they won’t take you seriously enough?

When purchasing reasonably priced food or drink, businesses called Jason Donvervan (a kebab shop) and Planet of the Grapes (a wine shop) may be a success; but when it comes to larger investments and the purchase of products that you expect to be reliable – comedy may not be the answer.

For example, when it comes to procuring professional services (such as from a solicitors or accountants), I believe clients may be put off if there were a joke involved in the company name. When hiring an expert to carry out a professional service for you, I think it is important that they don’t make a joke out of the transaction and/or situation.

How likely are you to use a matrimonial law firm called Ditcher, Quick & Hyde? The answer should be not very.

On the high street a comical company name may stand out and gain attention, but when operating within a professional market it is not the place to be making a joke out of your business and industry.

So whilst Exponential-e may not always be the easiest to spell it defines us as a professional, with a serious name – and as much as there is a human side to our business, our focus is providing the best solutions and service to our customers & not developing puns.

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