What is Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)?

You will undoubtedly have heard many mentions of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) over the past year, but perhaps without much detail in to exactly what it is. Companies both selling and using the product shout about the benefits, but without knowing exactly what the solution entails it is difficult to know whether it would be an asset to you.

What is DaaS?

Most commonly abbreviated to DaaS, Desktop-as-a-Service puts your desktop in the cloud. Moving your desktop away from being purely a machine in your office means that you are able to access data and apps via the internet from anywhere; this encourages mobility and flexibility in your business, providing employees the resources to work from anywhere.

The solution is subscription based; this means that the purchasing of licences can be scaled both up and down depending on the size and growth of your workforce. This makes budgeting easy and predictable for both now and in the future. Alongside this, there are no major installation costs – keeping the costs down and making them easier to budget for.

The main purpose of DaaS is to create a collaborative working environment for all employees. The solution allows them to work on the same files, from anywhere, and cooperate just as if they were all in the same office. An especially good asset for companies that may already have employees that work from home.

Benefits of DaaS

Once you fully understand what DaaS is it is far easier to see whether the benefits of the solution will be of use to you and your business. The primarily benefit for uptake is that DaaS can reduce both hardware and capital expenditure costs; we explain this in more detail here. Annually this will bring you savings you otherwise would not have benefitted from, all the while allowing you to use the most recent of technology.

No matter what disasters may occur, DaaS offers built in disaster recovery; allowing you to get back in to action quickly and meaning that whilst your staff may not be able to get in to the office they can successfully work from external locations.

DaaS also offers security for your data and work environment, ensuring it will remain safe and protected. Somewhat of a necessity, particularly considering the frequency of security breaches and hacking scandals in recent years.

DaaS in action

The range of benefits of the DaaS solution makes it suitable for a wide range of industries, including those that previously may have been cautious of such a transition. One of these examples is the healthcare industry, with access to confidential information on patient files the security element of DaaS is of particular appeal and importance. The flexibility of DaaS also allows healthcare staff to access data across a range of platforms, from PCs to smartphones – meaning that even on-the-go staff can access important patient records and data.

DaaS is widely used in professional environments too, particularly within companies that offer a flexible working policy. It creates a more collaborative environment for employees to easily access client information and communicate amongst each other. The ability to work virtually anywhere also assists in the event of severe weather or a disaster that may affect the main office.

It is clear to see why DaaS has quickly gained traction within the technology sector; its ability to transition between various industries and the benefits of it greatly outweigh conventional methods and for this reason it is obvious to see why so many companies are making the move to Desktop-as-a-Service.

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