Water Utilities: Make a splash with improved connectivity

For utility companies, like many other businesses that have long had legacy systems in place, their infrastructure is no longer suitable for requirements and it ever faster reaching end of life. Gone are the days when connecting machines to each other by using analogue circuits was a suitable solution, and instead utility companies, water in particular, need to find a new method of connectivity – whilst attempting to avoid the requirement to ‘rip and replace’ Scada and sensor systems.

It is essential to avoid the disruption that removing and replacing their Scada and sensor systems would cause. These devices and machines are providing critical information on all aspects of operations back to the businesses and other companies across the UK. Just a small impact upon this could affect the data received and future decisions made.

What’s the new normal?

Ethernet circuits are today becoming the new standard, providing a secure communication channel for both inter and external business conversations. With the introduction of superfast connectivity, with speeds of 10 GigE now available off-the-shelf, businesses no longer have a reason to suffer from slow and cumbersome internet and networks.

What’s more, the availability of these low latency and high speed connectivity solutions means that information will be fed back to the business and any other agencies even faster than ever – meaning that informed decisions can be made at an increased rate.

The introduction, and rise, of Internet of Things (IoT) applications also enables businesses to introduce even smarter interfaces and tools to monitor the operations of the business. With connectivity between IoT devices made simple, and in many instances as easy as ‘plug and play’, water utility companies can quickly revolutionise their businesses and improve the way in which they work and monitor requirements.

By selecting a provider that can assist to move water utilities away from their legacy infrastructure and assist to build applications that can remotely control and monitor your operations, businesses can face a brighter future of stronger connectivity and more efficient operations. What’s more, they can remove the complexity of introducing IoT projects and ensure that they operate at their best through scalable Cloud services and reliable connectivity, wherever the location.

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