Unified Communications: Simplicity Is Back

Imagine a world where your office based employees could see where external staff, such as Field Salesmen and Engineers, are at any given time. They would appear as online and could then easily be sent an instant message (IM) or be added to a quick conference call.

A recent blog from Shoretel explained how Unified Communications is the unification of all communication functions within an organisation, working seamlessly together on one common platform. An ideal scenario, we agree.

Well, good news! Each day it becomes clearer that Unified Communications (UC) is ready and working – allowing your employees to perform the exact scenario we have just explained.

Solar reported last year that the UC market is up a staggering 27%. This year has seen an even more dramatic increase with next year’s sales projections suggested to peak at an all-time high.

It is clear why UC is on the up. We take for granted some of the benefits that UC provides now we have it but think back to how many delays were caused waiting for someone to reply to a voicemail or them missing an email and nobody following up.

A survey of the key benefits for users since the deployment of UC solutions was conducted upon the announcement of the 27% increase, and the results make interesting reading:

  • 23% users now find communication much easier, with it all in one place
  • 22% users noticed fewer missed calls, voicemails and emails
  • 21% users found it easier to work flexibly
  • 16% users felt they appeared more professional whilst using their mobile for work
  • 15% users found it easier to collaborate on projects

UC is a solution that has been created from a need by businesses across the board, and all in all this is a much simpler way of working; and simplified processes are always good for business.

The evolution of business and technology has often made communicating unnecessarily long and complicated. We no longer wait a week for a reply to an email when we can send an IM. We no longer need to ring multiple people before finding one that is at their desk – we can just check their presence setting.

We no longer overcomplicate communications, we implement a solution: Unified Communications. Simplicity is back.

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