Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

2015 marked the launch of our corporate blog, and it has been a busy one! With blog posts from internal contributers, as well as a select few external ones, have covered everything from Cloud Computing to Google updates and event management. Ensuring we keep our customers and readers informed on the latest topics and hottest trends.

So, to mark the close of the year we thought we might put together a run down of our top 10 posts of the year – chosen by you! These are the posts you read and shared the most across all our blog content, showing us what topics garner your favour and perk your interest.

Without further ado…

  1. Prescriptive Analytics – Actual Business Intelligence
  2. Cloud services drive UC spend
  3. Six surprising facts about the UK digital economy
  4. Why bother going to work?
  5. The 5 Biggest IT challenges in the Legal Sector
  6. Public vs. Private Cloud
  7. 5 reasons to switch to Unified Communications
  8. Are leased lines still a good choice for your business?
  9. Is CYOD the new BYOD?
  10. 6 top tips for a successful B2B event

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