The Skies aren’t a Limit for DaaS

Whilst working from anywhere is an idyllic lifestyle for many, most would picture themselves at home or in a coffee shop whilst doing so. But with the increase in inflight WiFi and powerful DaaS solutions, even the skies aren’t a limit any longer.

When travelling long haul, or even for a few hours across to Europe, the hours spent in your seat often feel wasted. By the time you have travelled to the USA or somewhere more exotic, you could have achieved a full day’s work – time better spent than reading the inflight magazine three times over.

However with inflight WiFi becoming common across the pond and increasingly so from flights leaving the UK, this time can now be spent working efficiently and productively. With DaaS you have the ability to access GPU intense programs and have the freedom to work from your desktop as if you were in the office, as opposed to flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

No longer are you limited to just checking your emails when you do have access to WiFi, instead you have the ability to create animations or design buildings. The flexibility of the DaaS solution has enabled countless employees from companies across the world to work at any time and in any place, but to work from above the clouds is really a unique proposition and something that will doubtlessly prove popular with business people having to travel regularly.

Travelling to somewhere as far flung as Australia? Those 22 hours could be spent creating something magical if you’re a graphics artist, or something beautiful if you are an architect. DaaS GPU unchains you from your office and gives you the freedom to work whilst you are on the go, wherever that may be.

So whilst the WiFi on the underground may still need some work between stations, look upwards instead – the skies aren’t a limit for everything.

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