The Ritz – Evolution of technology

A landmark icon in the historic city of London, The Ritz is known worldwide and synonymous with the luxury and glamour it exudes. But whilst it remains traditional and old fashion in many senses, it needs to continue to evolve its technology portfolio in order to provide a service that guests expect.

A brief history

Opening its doors in 1906 on the 24th May, The Ritz launched in to the London hotel market. Its grand architectural design was the work of a partnership between a French and Englishman; Charles Mewés and Arthur Davis respectively.

Building originally began in 1904 and the design mirrored that of the Hotel Ritz in Paris, previously designed by the same duo of men. Even in the beginning innovation was at the forefront of plans for the Ritz; for example their provision of private bathrooms for every guest room was something that was quite unheard of elsewhere at the time.

A sophisticated ventilation system was implemented and the beds were made of brass rather than the conventional choice of wood. The Ritz went as far as possible to ensure that the hotel was as reflective of its status as possible with the installation of double glazing too. They made use of the best technology that was available to them at this time, ensuring that The Ritz remained ahead of the crowd in terms of innovation.

As you would expect, after its launch The Ritz opened to great acclaim from both visiting public and the press worldwide. Since 1906 it has been a destination for the famous and fashionable, boasting the patronage of the early King Edward VIII and King Alfonso of Spain. Over its 108 years it has been a focal point of major worldwide events, providing a location for Churchill and Eisenhower to meet for summit meetings during WWII.

Royalty and aristocracy aside, The Ritz has appealed to celebrities of several eras too. Charlie Chaplin was one such star that stayed at the establishment, requiring 40 policemen to escort him in to the hotel due to the volume of fans waiting outside!

The year of 1995 was somewhat of a re-launch for The Ritz when it was bought by British company Ellerman Investments. They undertook a complete refurbishment of the Grade II listed building and ensured that every last detail was retouched, polished and primed to perfection.

In 2002 The Ritz was the first hotel to receive a Royal Warrant for Banqueting and Catering Services, presented by HRH the Prince of Wales; an acknowledgement of their leadership within the London hotel industry.

Modern Technology

As technology evolves and becomes a necessity for many travellers, The Ritz needed to look to a provider that could give them the standard of service that is to be expected from a 5* establishment. When guests stay at a hotel, particularly one of such high calibre, they would expect top quality linen on the beds and luxurious towels in the bathroom – but equally as important is for the WiFi in their rooms to work without issue.

The Ritz partnered with Exponential-e and chose our Smart Internet service to assist with network connectivity. The Ritz was soon after ranked number 10 in the top 100 hotels in the world list for the fastest WiFi speed – quite some feat!

The provision of our services allows The Ritz to continue to keep at the forefront of technology and ultimately provide an experience to their guests that exceeds their expectations.

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