IT Solutions – Tailored to fit?

The more I talk to clients, the more I believe that having a tailored solution for their end users is the only way forward. This enables the IT team to deliver a bespoke system or solution that fits end users requirements. This method also has the additional benefit of reducing the number of support desk calls.

If you think about what is being achieved it is based on a basic principle of cause and effect – give the user a solution that performs to their expectations and they will not call to complain.

Yes, in principle, this is a great idea but you will need to do some initial mapping and planning before you can even begin designing a solution. To achieve this you need to follow another basic principle: discovery before delivery.

Discovery before delivery

A key to the success of this is gaining the metrics on individual users, therefore allowing your IT team to denote what a tailored fit for each user actually looks like.

Increasingly often I hear of vendors delivering presentations around a full shopping list of products and then asking how many licenses are required. In my personal opinion, if you are faced with a pitch like this you need to show them the door. How can they possibly understand your company and users? Solutions can no longer be as standard; they need to fit around your business model and employees.

Industries need to become serious about implementing solutions that drive their business forward, and move away from the standardised “off the peg” type approaches which will not benefit them in the same way.

IT Audit

To ensure that you fully understand what your users want and need you could perhaps look at auditing software that explores your infrastructure and network. This will enable you to deep dive within your business and see where you are spending money unnecessarily, or alternatively where you need to invest further funds.

Performing an IT Audit will ensure you are on top of the performance of your organisation and, as we have discussed, have the information required to look towards implementing a tailored solution from a reputable company – whilst avoiding the salesman with the standardised pitch.

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