Public Sector: Up in the Clouds

Naturally the focus for the public sector is on costs and budgeting. This can often mean that they are unable to make the investment in technology that they may want or need to; however by adopting cloud they could in fact save money through making use of the Capex/Opex model and by using hardware that they have already invested in.

The appetite for improving systems and adapting to the latest technology within the public sector is obvious, particularly with the implementation of G-Cloud and its support from the government and registered suppliers. Whilst costs are important when making a decision such as this, ensuring that systems are modern and reliable can also increase productivity within the public sector.

It is without doubt that the implementation of cloud within schools would be of great benefit. Giving pupils and teachers alike the access to their documents and systems through a cloud based platform such as DaaS would enable them to successfully work from home or abroad and also make use of any BYOD policies that the school may have in place. Enabling access like this will provide an easier way for pupils to engage with their work and ultimately improve productivity and success: the importance of which cannot be questioned.

The security implications of using cloud are an advantage to any company using it and this is no different within the public sector; by selecting a private cloud solution companies can ensure that any data they hold will be stored confidentially and will not fall in to the wrong hands. This is especially important for schools that may hold information about pupils and for government bodies that hold highly sensitive information about an array of things.

With these clear assets to the implementation of cloud within the public sector it is inevitable that eventually the adoption of the solution within these industries will rapidly increase. Whilst budget and monetary restraints will, of course, play a key part in this decision, ultimately the investment in cloud will be of benefit in the long run.

The opportunity for it to enable the public sector to do more than it is able to with their current systems is also a large attraction, this accessibility to a range of further tools and opportunities could increase their performance and make a monetary return outweighing the cost of the investment – combating the primary issue for resistance.

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