Exponential-e Press Releases

World authority on record-breaking selects Exponential-e to migrate 200 staff into the cloudExponential-e, the cloud and network provider, has today announced that is has successfully migrated 200 Guinness World Records staff to Microsoft Office 365. The move to the cloud will support Guinness World Records staff in their six international offices, as well as remote workers in over 15 locations, to collaborate to deliver engaging experiences and capitalise on market opportunities around the world.​
Companies can now manage a multi-cloud environment via one interfaceExponential-e, the Cloud and Network provider, has today announced its Cloud Management Platform (CMP). Exponential-e's CMP places the cloud at the heart of corporate digital transformation projects. Companies are able to unify multi-cloud environments by viewing and managing the performance of their cloud services through one interface.​
Exponential‐e secures multi‐million‐pound Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) award for LondonExponential‐e has been successful in securing prime supplier position in the HSCN aggregated procurement for London, known as 'Once for London'. The award will provide in excess of 3,300 HSCN connectivity and associated services across 60 health authorities in North West, South East, and South West London.​
Powering the public sector, awarded categories cover cloud hosting, cloud software, and cloud supportExponential‐e, the British cloud and network provider, today announces that it has secured positions within G‐Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace, covering Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support categories. Public sector organisations across the UK can now use G‐Cloud 10 to access services from Exponential‐e in these three key categories.​
Exponential-e is the first UK service providers to offer Dell EMC VxRail Appliances for private cloud deployments.​​The Cloud and Network provider Exponential-e today announces it will become one of the first UK service providers to offer Dell EMC VxRail Appliances for private cloud deployments.​
Company moves away from industry's volatile pricing models to make defence in‐depth accessible to allExponential‐e, the British cloud and network provider, has today launched its Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) with a view to making defence in‐depth the default standard for the mid‐market. The company is looking to disrupt the status quo by allowing companies to embed compliance standards within the perimeters of that the CSOC monitors, equipping companies with a real‐time view of their compliance status. In addition, Exponential‐e is calling time on volatile events-per-second and service‐based pricing models, offering an asset‐based pricing model that will allow companies to align the CSOC with their cyber strategy.​
Traditional NPS surveys replaced by platform to provide instant, transparent results for industry leading customer serviceExponential‐e, the British cloud and network provider, has announced its implementation of a real‐time Net Promoter Score platform that enables customers to leave feedback instantaneously and receive a response in a matter of hours from a technically trained manager.​
Cloud and Network provider debuts at 89 after almost 26% in annual revenue growthExponential-e, the British Cloud and Network provider, has been listed at 89 in the Sunday Times BDO Profit Track List. Exponential-e's inclusion was driven by record-breaking numbers for the financial year ending 31st January 2017.​
Company demonstrates its expertise in managing information securely ahead of GDPR deadlineExponential‐e is one of a select group of businesses that has been certified to a new BSI certification scheme that aims to help companies demonstrate that they are proactively protecting data and managing personal information securely and effectively. Exponential‐e is one of only four companies that have achieved certification to BS 10012:2017 Data Protection following an independent assessment by BSI, the business standards company.​
The global charity selected Network specialists to address jungle of capacity issues with their sites across the UKExponential‐e has today announced that it is working with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the world's largest conservation organisation, to bolster its connectivity. The move is part of the group's wider strategy to move to a cloud‐based IT estate in order to become more agile, robust and capable of rapidly implementing new technologies.​

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