Network spikes are for life, not just Black Friday

With the anticipation of Black Friday comes the behind the scenes panic for companies to ensure their infrastructure can withstand the typical flood of visits to their websites. But whilst this time of year has eCommerce websites pushed to their limits, are network spikes limited to the retail sector?

One recent example I found of network spikes outside of the world of eCommerce was the NHS. They find themselves increasingly busy during the winter period, which in turn means that they network and infrastructure is working harder than ever – providing them with a reason to ensure their infrastructure can cope with the associated seasonal influx too.

So, it would seem even if you are outside of the retail sector seasonality can have an impact upon your business and ultimately your network too.

This means that just like ensuring your boiler at home has been serviced and repaired before the winter, businesses across the company need to look at the trends in their network spikes and do what is necessary to ensure they can cope with an increasing level of customers accessing their website or in turn requiring the business to utilise their own network.

It is far easier to be proactive than reactive.

Seasonality is not just limited to Christmas or the winter period either. For example, educational institutions have several months of lower activity across the summer period and then an influx of use come September. This too needs to be prepared for to ensure that administrators can handle the registration of new pupils and their requirements to access the network on their return in the new school year.

Selecting a service provider that can align additional bandwidth to your business as and when necessary is key to ensuring your business can cope with demand. Being able to scale up from your standard requirements quickly and easily will mean that you can be proactive in increasing number to an anticipated scale, but also if necessary be reactive if numbers are higher than expected.

Of course, reviewing data from previous seasons is key too. Typically there is a trend across all industries that leads to network spikes and an increase in usage… what could they be for your business?

Make sure your business is prepared, after all network spikes are for life – not just Black Friday.

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