Are you celebrating National Unplugging Day?

So many of us are reliant on technology, from our smartphones to tablets, and this obsession has grown almost invisibly as technology has edged its way further and further in to our lives. Gone are the days of typewriters and landlines, now it is all about having a smartphone within reach at all times – but where does this obsession end?

On the 28th June it is National Unplugging Day and across the UK people will be putting aside their phones and turning off their laptops to give themselves a day off from constantly being connected to the internet and their devices.

The question is, just how well will we cope? I personally think that often we use technology without really realising – it has just become a part of our lives. Do you remember the days when you had a question and couldn’t Google it within seconds? When you had to arrange to meet a friend before you left the house, as you couldn’t call them once you left like you can now. We take all this for granted; technology has made our lives more productive and a whole lot easier too.

With the day aimed at parents, to encourage technology free family time, research by My Family Club shows that 47% of parents log on to Facebook before getting out of bed or doing anything else. With a technology shut down day, what will they reach for instead?

The day should aim to inspire people to be more productive away from a screen and perhaps be more active too. Whilst technology enables us to do a wide variety of things, it can too easily become all-encompassing and stop us looking at what surrounds us instead.

For those unfortunate enough to have to work on a Sunday, perhaps you could attempt just an hour or two instead. In fact this amount of time is probably something we should all try – and not just for the 8 hours we are asleep either!

Stepping away from bright lights and the buzz of technology before bed can greatly improve your sleep and ensure you are more relaxed mentally too – now is the time to stop sleeping with your phone under the pillow!

Can you go a whole 24 hours without technology?

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