Leveraging data to continue to drive customer centricity

As organisations we all focus on our digital transformational journey; the multitudes of data points accessible to us from existing data sources but also a rich set of published, open, public and social sources drives increased opportunity to turn more data in to deeper insights not only for the leadership of the company, but for all.

This increase in access of data allows us to enhance the way that we leverage information to support the median in which we engage, retain, grow our customer base and continue to be leaders and innovators in our given sector and business field.

The access and usage of this data is imperative to how we interact, compete and gain increased customer retention and loyalty and how we interact with a new audience of consumers who are born connected to the digital median and to whom usage of systems, services and interaction points will be expected and consumed in a completely different approach to traditional business model.


Those companies that embrace this new generation of audience are seeing rapid growth and using data to drive increased levels of insight in to their customers whether that be in;

  • The linkage of search to drive advertisement in to the social plane of a consumer
  • Recommendations and suggestions based on advanced machine learning; looking at yours and a wider demographic of consumers to provide guidance on what you want next and will like
  • Creating an agile based, price driven ecosystem for consumption of travel services that can evolve and learn based on events, weather and demand.

The key is to build a strategy that is focussed on

  • Embracing generation Y & Z detail methods and focussing in on the internal and external attributes associated with this. How do we attract talent, what tools systems and services do we need and how do these need to be reflected in the applications and services we offer to our consumers
  • How do we drive increased levels of customer centricity and content personalisation? Focus on the right message, advert, offer etc to the right person when they need it. What systems and data services do we need to implement to enable this advanced analytics and allow us to retain, attract and grow our customer base
  • Who are the new challengers in my market, what legacy don’t they have and how are they using such digital engagement points to drive market growth. How do we, through our embracement of digital and leverage of advanced analytics, utilise our heritage, brand and market presence to continue to drive market share and adapt and evolve to continue our leadership and growth

Jonathan brings experience from all spectrums of the IT lifecycle from engineering, design & development, strategy, consulting, service delivery, transformation and sales. His career spanning the last 17 years had been across multiple global system integrators such as Atos, Fujitsu and HP and for the past 10 years has been focussed around driving innovation to customers through the leverage of Cloud technology and services. His passion is helping customers harness new and emerging technologies and services to drive innovation within the business and be agile to respond to market change. At Exponential-e his core focus is supporting customers in transforming their IT services to enable the business to drive their digital transformation strategy, working with the teams across Exponential-e to drive innovative release of new services as well as strengthening Exponential-e’s Analyst, CIO and Partner community.

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