Is your company encouraging proud employees?

Every business likes to think that their staff are living in eternal bliss whilst employed within their company; but just how often are they actually asked? Well, we decided to find out more from our staff and asked them just what they were proud of having achieved whilst working for us.

This was an interesting question to pose. We are all very good at admiring others and being thankful for assistance, but to sit down and pinpoint something we are proud of ourselves having achieved turned out to be quite difficult for many.

However once our employees got in to the swing of it – you can view the full video here – their positive comments were great to hear and showed just how well they thought they were performing in their work. Ensuring that you question a wide range of your staff is important too – it is far too easy for account managers to proclaim they are proud of their latest deal, but for those working in departments such as finance or procurement it is often difficult to correlate something they have done as an achievement.

Ensuring that your staff are positive and feel like they are exceeding expectations within their position will ensure that they are content within your company. Naturally, showing recognition for these achievements is always great too and will really boost both enthusiasm and motivation within the workforce. If staff feel appreciated and like they are being noticed they will perform a lot better than if they feel ignored and undervalued.

The comments we received from our staff were everything from being proud that they assisted in the launch of an initiative to raise money for charity, to our IT team being proud that they get to help their colleagues on a day to day basis. But the best response was from one of our employees who most proud about coming to work for the company in the first place! These comments were truly fascinating to hear and resonated the fact that yes – our staff are happy here and think positively of the company.

Of course the most concise way to describe any company is with one word, and we feel that this one chosen by an employee suits us perfectly – apparently we are simply “awesome”!

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