Is WiFi calling the answer for business?

As voice communications continue to evolve we have entered a new era, that of WiFi calling. No longer do you need to balance precariously out of the window whilst attempting to get that one bar of signal, you can now instead use the WiFi that you inevitably have installed within your home and call from the comfort of your sofa. However, when that solution is brought in to the workplace – should your business shoulder the responsibility?

In essence it is the perfect solution to a variety of existing issues surrounding voice calls. From when employees are travelling abroad and want to make a phone call without facing large costs, to simply having an office in a location with poor signal strength. WiFi calling could be the solution that your business has been looking for, but could that also mean that your IT department and business faces issues that were previously non-existent?

Business class voice calls abroad?

With the popularity of business mobile phones across a number of industries, what do you do to ensure that your employees don’t rack up huge phone bills when they are working abroad for business? When requiring them to communicate with people back in the office, as well as particular customers or clients, it is difficult to put a cap on their usage and bill. However, WiFi calling could be the resolution to that.

With WiFi coverage expanding constantly, there are now WiFi hot spots in a vast number of places across the world. Whether that is within a hotel, a coffee shop or in the park; employees can make use of these locations and their Internet access to remain connected to the office and customers, and your company won’t be faced with astronomical bills.

But when implementing a solution that relies on WiFi connectivity, which is entirely out of your control outside of the office, how much responsibility should your business shoulder in the event of something going wrong or WiFi connectivity being unavailable?

Security, Stability, Signal

A key concern, of course, with any type of data transcending a public network is that of security. Whilst it may be a little more difficult to intercept voice calls as opposed to the documents attached to an important email, or the password entered for your company banking, it is not impossible and therefore this has to be a consideration when looking to WiFi calling as a potential option.

Is there a way to ensure that your solution is encrypted and secure, whether that employee is using your internal WiFi network or a public one somewhere in the UK or abroad? Having this security in your solution will mean that your business can relax somewhat in worrying about who might be intercepting your business calls.

Naturally the key component to this solution working is strong and stable WiFi signal. There is no benefit in attempting to host a voice call where the internet connection drops out every few minutes or so – this would not be productive for the person on either end of the telephone. So how far would your business have to go to ensure that employees had access to reliable WiFi connectivity? For example, would you need to amend your expenses policy to be inclusive of a budget for WiFi.

So, whilst WiFi calling seems the perfect solution to a realm of business issues – is it the solution for you?

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