Is the Housing Sector facing a Digital Transformation?

Cloud and Big Data are making great advancement within the technology world, with headlines heavy across press and industry publications, and businesses across the UK are taking note –no more than the housing association sector.

With often archaic, legacy infrastructure supporting their organisations operations housing associations are looking towards a transformation – in the form of a digital revitalisation. Enabling organisations to streamline costs, operations and hardware the move towards a technology transformation is obvious and long required.

Changes not so long ago meant that housing associations are now detaching from central government, and therefore are no longer receiving state funding. This means two key things: firstly, it gives them the opportunity to tender for their IT supplier or choice, but secondly it also means that funding is tighter than ever and therefore cost savings are a key concern and requirement.

Digital services enabling cost savings

With the introduction of Cloud and online services, and a drive towards them from tenants, housing associations can look towards OPEX/CAPEX cost saving opportunities and also scalable solutions that rise and fall with their requirements. Updated technology, working for the organisation exactly as they require it to.

The desire, and need, for online services by tenants means that housing associations need to fulfil this requirement and offer faster, smarter and more efficient services in a digital manners to ensure the best customer service. Tenants want to be able to pay rent online, avoid call queues and receive a generally more convenient service. People are no longer as likely to pick up the phone or visit a central office to get things done – we live in a time of the here and now.

Everything is being progressed faster and housing organisations can’t be left behind.

Enabling improvement through data

Analytics and Big Data can enable housing associations to monetise on the digital data that they captures, it will also allow them to make better use of it too. Technology is enabling this improvement and can revolutionise the way in which housing associations make use of the data they have, and capture further data to regulate the need for future changes or improvements.

Data allows housing associations to have a clearer picture of their tenants, and from that they can better understand what they want and need. Reverting again back to the need to provide the best service for customers.

Let’s also not forget that by transforming the technology for your organisation you are not only providing a better service to your external customers, but your internal ones too. Your employees will be more productive if they have better technology from which to work from, and their working life experience may also be enhanced by the availability of remote working opportunities.

Take the first step on that ladder to a digital transformation.

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