Is talent nurtured or are you born with it?

A discussion at the recent Fulham FC Business Club event encompassed whether people were naturally born with talent or if it was created through nurturing. Can you be taught to be talented?

Success can only be gained through the hard work of an individual; those that are talented have this at the centre of their very core. Hard work is what determines the talented and successful amongst others. The most talented people will be selfless in their commitment and will go to show that there is no substitute for desire.

As a company we strongly focus on this. Our academy program looks to take recruits with little to no experience and turn them in to the most competent of sales people. For those that hold the talent and drive to enable them to succeed, we do everything to develop them further and allow them the necessary space to progress.

Some interesting points were raised at the Fulham FC Business Club event and we thought we would share some of the best ones:

  • Every individual has different traits which will enable them to succeed in different ways, these should utilised in order to ensure that those individuals who have the drive to succeed will get the most out of any role that they do.
  • Even for the most talented of individuals it isn’t always about constant success. The best players in sport, or any trade in fact, are those who are able to deal with their disappointments appropriately – learning from their mistakes and moving on to be better and stronger.
  • Those who are truly passionate about their craft or career don’t do it for fame or necessarily fortune, they do it because they love it and want to peruse it. These individuals are the ones that will be most dedicated to their career or sport and industries need to be able to spot such people to ensure that they are hiring the best talent – football doesn’t generally miss good talent but other industries do.
  • But whilst talented people will often be perusing their careers because of their passion for it, they still need to be supported by those in management. They also need to be kept interested and on their feet with challenges along the way. Those that have talent want to feel like they are constantly succeeding and not hitting the ceiling on available possibilities for them.

For as long as time has known competition has been showing the weak from the strong, and for those that partake in an academy program – either within sport or even technology – having a competitive environment internally could push them further to succeed against the other candidates. This way recruits are pushed to show their true potential and what they are capable of.

So, what is your opinion: is talent nurtured or are you born with it?

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