Exponential-e acquire Vysiion Ltd


Late on Saturday evening, following months of work, Exponential-e signed final contracts to acquire Vysiion - an infrastructure solutions specialist based in Chippenham. This is our first step into the market to acquire a sizable technology company and they have approximately £23 million of revenues and 146 staff members.

So, as of Saturday evening, Exponential-e is a company with 700 staff members and we are forecasting our year-end to reach revenues of £175 million with this acquisition. I have followed Vysiion's progress for a number of years and last October became aware that 'it may be coming up for sale'. We seized the moment by agreeing a deal with them within weeks to prevent this company coming to market. The sale was prompted by their Chairman, Bruce Brain's retirement – a technology industry veteran of 50 years and one-time CEO of Sungard. Bruce had built Vysiion along with current CEO and Sales Director Peter Clapton and Scott Paton over many years into a high quality and trusted services provider. I am sure you will be seeing more of Peter and Scott during the coming weeks...

Their main market focus is Public Sector; Defence (MOD), Emergency services (Blue light), Utilities, central & local government. They work on many confidential and complex IT projects for the Government and have spent years building this trust.

There is a very close measure-of-fit between our respective companies. The complementary nature of our products, services, skills, experience, relationships, clients and capabilities is huge. Our culture, values and ethos are an exact match. And the dedication of our respective staff members in delivering true customer service excellence to our clients is a mirror image.

With our service set capabilities, we know this will allow Vysiion to bid and win many new valuable contracts requiring network / SD-WAN, voice and cloud solutions to mention a few. Their senior managers and staff members are all very positive about the future ahead of them with Exponential-e - as are we with them - leveraging the culture and relationships Vysiion has carefully nurtured over many years.

As you start to interact with our new colleagues at Vysiion, I am sure you will make them feel very welcome into the Exponential-e family.

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to Henry and his small M&A team that have worked tirelessly over the past 4-5 months to bring this to a successful conclusion. I know Henry and others worked many days if not weeks to past midnight hours to make this acquisition 'appear' smooth and seamless, when we knew that behind the scenes, there was a mountain to climb!

PS More information will appear in February's Innovate...

Kind Regards

Lee Wade

Spotlight on the Bid Management Team

Spotlight on the Bid Management Team

This month we're turning the Spotlight on the new Academy!

Q1. If you had one last meal, what would it be?
Q2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

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Culture Club


Our Culture Club is always working hard behind the scenes to make sure we have fun company events to enjoy. Find out what they've got planned for us (asides from their usual Thirsty Thursday events).

Upcoming Events

St George's Day

Let's Celebrate...

This year the Culture Club will be organising an event to help celebrate St. George's Day on 23rd April. More details will be announced nearer the time…

Q1 Event

It's up to you to decide...

We recently asked you all to complete a survey to provide feedback on events that took place over the
course of last year, and to provide input for the events in 2020. We appreciate your feedback and we are
currently working behind the scenes to put together a calendar of events that we hope to share with you
in the coming weeks. Also, with the acquisition of Vysiion, we will be looking at how we can ensure
both offices are included in the Culture Club events. Some of these events will need additional help in
organising, so we will also need more volunteers to help us make these events a reality.

I have included the top two answers of some of the results to give you an understanding of what to expect this year:

Which off-site event would be of interest to you in 2020?
Summer Games – 31%
Treasure Hunt – 22%

What onsite well-being event would be of most interest to you?
Puppies at work – 54%
Onsite massages – 23%

What off-site well-being event would be of most interest to you?
Organised Exponential-e Football match – 31%
Weekly sporting teams – 25%

As we are now an organisation with over 700 employees, it would be great to share news and information about life events or special occasions that have taken place for our employees. So if you are getting married, recently got engaged, had a baby or purchased a dog send a pic to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all the details so we can include it in the next issue of Innovate. This is not limited to the events above, it's about celebrating special occasions and achievements for all!

Finance Update


As you are all well aware, we completed the acquisition of Vysiion last Saturday 29th February 2020. I think it is quite fitting we completed the investment on a Leap Year day, as I am convinced this investment will help us leap forward in FY21!

I spent most of February dedicated to getting this investment over the line, and during this time, got to better understand the company Vysiion, and to be honest, the more I get to understand it, the more impressed I become.

In summary, they have 140 staff, based from their Chippenham offices, split into three delivery business units:

  • Installations, point of solutions for the Utility sector, and fit out work in the ark data centres, this drives £3m pa of revenue
  • Projects and products, large complex engagements, that will span multiple years of delivery, projects to provide networks and security solutions to the Utility sector, and large infrastructure projects, architecting complex bespoke private cloud environments, hosting and managing them for enterprise class Public Sector customers, this drives £12m pa of revenue
  • Services, managed services, managing private cloud stacks, hosted in the ark, with an onsite service desk, offering 24/7 smart hands, as well as some contracts supporting end users, and Vysiion assist for the SME market, this is £9m pa of revenue

The sales teams are structured into four verticals: Blue Light, Defence, Utilities, and Central/Local government, and they have had a really successful H1 (July-dec), winning many new orders across these verticals, and getting them firmly on track to deliver their full year FY20 targets.

A warm welcome to all of the Vysiion employees. I look forward to working with you all.

Customer Wins


Here you'll find the best of the many new deals our sales teams close for us each month, including what customers we've won, which Exponential-e people have worked on these deals and the TCV.

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January 31st 2020 was a momentous and historical day for the nation as a whole as we officially left
the EU. However, it remains to be seen whether the nation can steer a path back to the once great
inventive, entrepreneurial and world-leading innovator we were as an independent nation. I think we can. On a pro-rata basis, the UK produces more Nobel Prize winners than any nation on earth (excluding Philosophy where France beats us!); we would be the winning country at every Olympic games ever held; and for a tiny island of just 66 million people, we are the 5th wealthiest nation on the planet. I believe we can power on further once our independence to govern ourselves is fully imposed. However, it will take years before we know the answer to that question...

On a microcosmic scale, January 31st was our financial year end and given the turbulence of the whole of 2019, we have fared not too badly – which is more than can be said for most UK companies. This is shown in Slide 1, with revenues finishing on £142m and EBITDA of £38.5m.

More importantly, January saw a very positive uplift in our sales performance compared to January 2019. As can be seen from Table 1 below, we achieved a Year 1 value of sales orders result that was 32.9% higher than the previous year with deal margin up 39.9% compared with last January.

This is a great start to the New Year and we hope we can build upon this early momentum.

But let's move on to the subject that I first touched on in the last issue of Innovate and said I would return to in the January issue; Relevancy...

Table 1: 2020 Overall Sales Year-to-Date


Today, we live in a time of constant change and heightened customer expectations. The greatest danger facing most brands today is loss of brand relevance. People are ultra-connected. Markets constantly shift. New trends emerge. Competitors enter and shake things up. Clearly, customers expect more from the brands they buy from. As a result, many businesses struggle to stay relevant – trying to get ahead of the competition, adapting fast enough, and maintaining their position in the market. These are the challenges we face in attracting new staff and customers, and indeed, keeping the ones we have already.

If your brand is no longer relevant in the market place you operate in, then you must fix the issues or else, you're going to experience 'death by a thousand cuts'. The business environment is littered with once great companies that ignored the importance of relevancy in the digital age and have since met with their
decline or demise. E.g Kodak, Woolworths, Mothercare, Blockbusters, Toys R Us and HMV are just some of
the famous brands no longer with us, but question marks hang over companies today such as Ted Baker, Superdry, Debenhams and John Lewis.

Most of these once-almighty brands are from the Retail sector, but there are plenty of lesser known companies in the Tech sector too that are being impacted. Indeed, who would have thought that at
one time in its history, Apple was an irrelevant and almost bankrupt technology company? Until Apple Inc. brought back its founder Steve Jobs in 1993, Apple had definitely gone down the route of 'irrelevancy'. But
Steve Jobs masterminded the transformation of Apple to the point where it is one of the most relevant and
important tech companies in the world... 

But we can split out relevancy into two areas;

  • Commodity Relevance
  • Brand, Purpose and Cultural Relevance

Let's quickly deal with the first item;

Commodity Relevance

In a dynamic, fast-moving digital world, products and services quickly move from being the latest must have gadget, fashion, music or media website to being irrelevant. This is driven by the increasing velocity of innovation, which in turn, is often fuelled by the sprawling influence and power of social media. Hence, today's latest must-have item very quickly becomes replicated and newer alternatives offer faster delivery at lower prices. The price of that item gets driven down to the lowest possible price where the profit margin is tiny or negative and it becomes a volume game.

Amazon is the leading example of this. Amazon commoditises everything. Prices are so low competitors cannot compete against them. (Although our S4 object storage is cheaper than Amazon's S3!) The volumes they are able to sell at such low prices are phenomenal. Hence, they are the most relevant company on the planet for everyday 'commodity' purchases and have driven the High Street to become the most 'irrelevant' place to be.

So, for the most part, in the commodity world, price and speed of delivery are the main drivers of the selling company's relevancy. Consumers pay scant regard to Amazon's brand, purpose and culture. (And nor does Amazon!) If a competitor cannot match the price of that item or deliver it tomorrow – then compared to the market leader, they are largely irrelevant and may not survive in the long term.

In our technology world, most product and services have been commoditised – and you've guessed it – in the Cloud technology space, Amazon cornered that years ago to become the largest Cloud services company in the world. In fact, it's the profits they make from Amazon AWS (Cloud) that allows them to run their Prime delivery and TV services, which are still loss-making.

Relevancy – why does it matter to us?

Which brings us to the question; if in our technology world most products and services are commodity, how
is it that we are able to do relatively well against 700 other competing tech companies? Well, the answer
to that question comes down to us and the brand and cultural relevance we have built over the past
17 years. And in particular, the move upmarket from Exponential-e 1.0 (commodity relevance) to where we
are today, Exponential-e 4.0 operating at the higher end of the market.

This secondary area of relevancy is related to other factors when we consider our purchasing decisions
and which company or brand we choose to buy from. A simple analogy comes from the luxury goods market that is huge, measured in trillions of dollars of revenues.

Picture 1: High-end brands and their values – April 2018

When considering a new dress, car, shoes, handbag, watch or holiday for example, there are many lowcost
equivalents that look very similar, but may be less than 10% of the price of the premium brands. For example, there are many handbags available from Primark that look and feel similar to those available from Chanel. The price differential might be £30 versus £3,000 – so why would anyone pay 100 times more? It's because you are buying into the lucrative brand cachet that stands for quality, superiority, trust and very importantly, what the brand says about you as a person - your personal brand - because we all have one. What does your personal brand stand for?

What is it you want people to think of when they think of you?

So let's look at brand, purpose and culture in more detail...

The journey from strategy and targets to brand, purpose and culture

Bear with me on this thread . . .  the rationale of what follows takes a path from our 2020-21 Financial Targets (Slide 1) to the Strategic Growth Execution Plan (Slide 2) to the topic of Brand, Purpose & Culture (Slide 4).

At the January company conference, I displayed the slide below showing our business plan projection for
the financial year 2020-2021. January 31st 2020 is our financial year-end date and slide 1 shows we should
achieve audited revenues of £142m with £38.5m EBITDA. For this year ahead of us, we are projecting

revenue growing to £176m and EBITDA to £45m. 

Slide 1: Financial projections for 2019-20 & 2020-21

 However, the financial projections for 2020-21 are all predicated on the following strategic plan;

Focusing on slide 2 below, there are four streams of strategic deliverables required for us to hit our 2020-21
  1. We successfully achieve our M&A acquisition in February/March (blue box)
  2. We successfully achieve the sales target (£54m Y1) announced by John Kryillou at the Company Kick-Off by focusing on the 4 cornerstones sales focus (red boxes)
  3. Supporting areas such as Vendors & SI's, Recruitment, Marketing and Product & Services delivers the partnerships, people, campaigns and operational services during the year (green boxes)
  4. The red and green boxes are supported by tertiary services and strategic deliverables shown by the (yellow boxes) and 'Relevancy' is the most important factor of these
Slide 2: Summary showing the strategic areas of focus for 2020-21 vision 

 As stated above, relevancy is also related to one's belief in the brand, purpose and culture – the people element of relevancy. Because at the end of the day, it's people that deliver the technology and services. And if they do not believe in the brand, purpose and culture of the company, they will not have the right positive mindset and attitude required to deliver any targets. Furthermore, we will not keep existing staff members and will find it difficult trying to recruit new staff if they do not believe in the brand, purpose and culture of the company.

Another simple example illustrating the importance of brand, purpose and culture and how it relates to relevancy might be as follows. Imagine you have two new job offers and the salary packages are exactly the same. How do you choose one offer over the other? Consciously or subconsciously, you will have been reviewing each company's brand, purpose and cultural relevance. These are top of your agenda. In fact, many people will put these factors first before the salary package, especially if both salary packages are above the salary package they are receiving from their current employer!

Well, prospective and savvy buyers of technology solutions (high-end of the market) are often similarly concerned about the company they are about to sign a 3 to 5 year contract with. In fact, they will look further at the company's corporate and social responsibility policies, their ISO or professional accreditation achievements, their training programmes, their climate change stance and their inclusivity and diversity policies and so on. Why? Because they contribute to the potential new client's or staff members' perception of the brand and culture they are signing in to. These factors combine to differentiate us from the competition and raise the perception of our relevancy in people's minds.

Our Brand, Purpose and Culture depicts our Corporate DNA

Obviously, we need to be absolutely clear about what our brand, purpose and culture stands for. Slide 3 captures my 'elevator pitch' or summary view of what we have nurtured and evolved over the past 17 years.

 Slide 3: Brand, Purpose & Culture

 We can see that;

  • Our brand is centred on trust, integrity and customer service excellence;
  • Our purpose focuses us in on the constant strive for perfection;
  • Our culture has been built upon delivering relentless innovation to our customers.
These are the attributes and values that people buy into when everything else is commoditised. They know we are long-term players with quality values and possess and the right cultural DNA to do business with. It's these factors that help keep us relevant. If we ever lose sight of these core backbone elementary vales of Exponential-e, then we've just moved into the realm of irrelevance.

Henry captured this point quite succinctly at the Company Kick-off with his slide 'Framing our Challenge' shown below as Slide 4; we either reinvent the business or face the slow onward slide into irrelevance, negative growth, institutionalisation and 'harvesting' our way downwards until we meet oblivion.

Slide 4: Framing our Challenge going forward 

Clearly, businesses today need a strong brand, a clear purpose, and an inspired culture. All three elements work together to drive one another - they are mutually interdependent if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Simply embracing purpose is necessary, but not sufficient. Even the most talented people aren't going to drive you into the future without a clear vision of what that future looks like. Likewise, a strategic and perfectly designed brand won't succeed without purpose-led people who can bring it to life.

We must learn how to enhance and communicate these values to the world at large. These are the values we strive for, that get us out of bed each day. It's what is in our corporate and cultural DNA that matters; trust, integrity, customer service excellence, and assured delivery of solutions that drive tangible outcomes ...

Two sides of the company with one brand does not work ...

So, we can see that Exponential-e has a clear dilemma when it comes to brand advocacy and marketing.
There are two sides of the company; one side competing in the commodity tech space and the other side competing in the higher-end markets such as the FTSE 350 and Enterprise sectors.

This is a real challenge to us right now and indeed for the past few years. We do sell low cost/high volume
services at the same time as winning orders in the premium/high value end of the market. It's a bit like trying to be Primark and Chanel at the same time. It doesn't quite work! It deflects focus, confuses our marketing messaging and leaves clients at odds. High-end clients wonder if they should trust us with their £1m per year order that requires a different skill set to selling a commodity internet connection for £230 per month; and the smaller customers think we don't care about them because we are only interested in the very large clients! Relevancy in two market areas is really difficult to achieve with one brand. One solution to this dilemma – and we have looked at this in detail during the latter half of 2018 – is that we split the company into two separate companies and two distinct brands addressing the two ends of the market.

Commodity relevance in the small order value market and brand, purpose and cultural relevance in the high
end market via separate companies with separate brands e.g Expo-e Ltd and Exponential-e Ltd.

This will in time, diffuse the brand marketing conflict we face. Marketing our products and services into two
distinct market areas with two separate companies becomes simple!
  • We would need to approach the market differently with different tones of voice
  • We could enhance our 'high-end' brand to spell out exactly what doing business with us allows our customers to say about their brand
  • We could become more agile through analytics for our lower value services - only agile organisations can truly be relevant in the volume market, and a marriage of data and marketing creativity is required. An example: S4 and tier 1 data storage - What is the performance and ROI on these services? What can we do to improve and relate the pricing metrics to the market? Our S4 product is significantly cheaper than Amazon's S3. Why aren't we telling the world about this?
  • The list of bullets goes on and on... 

In summary, whilst we have always striven to deliver 'relentless innovation' and have mostly succeeded, delivering 'relentless relevancy' is much more difficult when trying to address the whole of the market.
Hence, we are reaching the point where we may soon have little or no option but to split the company into two distinct entities and brands if we are to improve our relevancy in both market spaces.

And finally ...
Once again, a big thank you to all our staff members for your tremendous efforts throughout 2019 and again following on with that in January. Every area of the business has worked so hard to drive a very good result for the month. So, let's drive onwards into February to try and sustain this early momentum ...
Best wishes

Customer Comments


We all work hard at Exponential-e, and we are not the only ones that notice this! Our customers are always leaving us positive feedback - and you can read some of the comments here.

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Marketing update


Previous Events

  • Luminet Roundtable (Channel): Christopher's Grill, London: 20th February
  • UCISA Unified Comms Today (Public Sector): Austin Court Birmingham: 25th February

Upcoming Events

  • Digital Health Rewired (Public Sector): London Olympia, 3rd-4th March
  • British Legal Technology Forum: Old Billingsgate, 10th March
  • Back to the Fibre (Channel): The Gherkin, 10th March
  • UCISA20 Leadership Conference: Manchester Central, 18th-20th March
  • CMP Demo Webinars with John Burton, 19th March
  • International Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF): Vienna, Austria, 24th-26th March
  • GlenLegal20: The Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland, 29th – 31st March
  • Aviation Strategy Forum: Oxford, 24th – 25th March

​Press Release

  • Exponential‐e joins forces with at‐visions to become hospitality's one‐stop digital shop Press Release


 Blogs and Videos

Campaigns / Display ad campains:

  • Managed LAN & WiFi 
    Call out day support
  • Finance campaign: 
    Operational resilience and risk mitigation
  • SD-WAN
  • CMP Webinar
  • S4 Cloud Storage

Google Remarketing Campaigns:

  • UCC (Always on)
  • Cyber Security (Always on)
  • Connectivity (Always on)
  • Cloud (Always on)
  • Channel (Always on)
  • Generic (Always on)

New Starters

At Exponential-e, we welcome a new group of starters every month. In this section you can put a name - and job role - to all those fresh faces.
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Procurement Update


The Cloud Category mission

  Amro Badawy - Cloud Category Manager

At our core, Procurement seek to save Exponential-e money which contributes directly to EBITDA growth. We do this by achieving value for money on high-value customer projects or negotiating reductions on existing invoices over time.

To enforce the 'five rights' of procurement (ensuring we buy inputs of the right quality, delivered in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time and for the right price) we leverage Cloud purchasing to ensure a firm commitment from vendors to consistently achieve the best value available, and end-to-end support for Exponential-e.

We also ensure high collaborative partnerships with key suppliers to benefit Exponential-e both commercially and technically, and to ensure sustainability for our suppliers.

Dell​ EMC

  • Cloud Service Provider (CSP)
    • Gold partnership
    • £80K FY20 as BDF
    • Training discounts
    • Partner finder presence (customer can find us in the Dell portal)
    • Sales support
    • Dell EMC branding
  • Solution Provider (SP) (Resale)
    • Gold partnership
    • Access to Dell rebate
    • Deal reg discounts
    • BDF directly from Dell 


In the past, we have struggled to get information about Microsoft's products, prices, rebates, incentive programs and support. Now, we have succeeded in gaining access to all of these by leveraging our relationship with Microsoft.         

  • Microsoft CSP Gold partner
  • £75K as a rebate FY20 
  • SPLA – in progress to move onto Bytes as an aggregator for our SPLA usage (2% as rebate)


  • CSP – we were only an authorised partner but have now completed all the requirement and are currently in process to move to the Premier tier. By moving to this tier, we will be able to achieve: 
    • 4% or 6% annual accelerate rebate upon achievement of growth targets
    • Strategic Development Funds (SDF) eligibility
    • Free Citrix Summit passes


  • VCPP – Premier partner (in the process to move to a new aggregator that offers us a better rate)
  • VCAN (resale program)– succeeded in moving to the Enterprise tier (a higher partnership tier), this provides access to achieve better discount level against Deal Reg opportunities, BDF and training discount


  • CSP Gold Tier partnership which allow us to get a 3% business development fund

Do it for charity!

Do it for charity!

With Exponential-e staff always fundraising, we decided it would be a good idea to include a new section to help staff raise money. If you are participating in a charity event and would like to be featured then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Q419 PRIDE Awards

Congratulations to the winners, the runners up and nominees for the Q4 PRIDE Awards.
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Sales Awards 2019

Congratulations to the winners, the runners up and nominees for the 2019 Sales Awards 
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HR Update

HR Update

A big welcome to 2020 and I hope you are all as excited as me for the year ahead! It was great to reflect back on 2019 at the Kick-Off, and to also gain an understanding of the key focus areas of 2020 to help us grow as a company. Growth means opportunities but we need to match this with hard work to achieve our objectives and targets.

In Lee's Annual Newsletter, he spoke about the need to review our Code of Conduct. This has been a priority of the team and in the next week, you will all receive an updated copy of our Staff Handbook. Together with the handbook, we have put together an online video to highlight the key changes and to remind us all about what is expected of our behaviour towards our colleagues, clients and customers. Once available please take the time to review the updated handbook and complete the short assessment. It is compulsory for all employees to complete the online video and assessment.

As we get started in such a busy year, I would like to focus on some of the key systems to support you in your roles and get the most out of your experience with Exponential-e.

Enter your text here ...

Clear Review

Make sure you have set your objectives with your manager and made a note of them in Clear Review for you to discuss during your regular catch ups


A number of learning paths and online learning content to help you continue to develop in your role. Continue to view the calendar and book in for any face-to-face workshops that are suitable for you.


Access information and sign up for all benefits available across Exponential-e. Don't forget to also check out Advantage and MyActive to view additional discounts available

Last year we had approx. 70 employees that either were promoted or took on a new role internally. Most of these had either completed learning pathways that had been put together or continued their own study to help them develop. As we continue to grow as a business, it is key that we continue to make opportunities available internally. During your regular discussions with you managers, make sure you find time to discuss how you can take on new challenges that help the team and the overall business to reach our goals.

We communicated that we kick-started the Management Academy last year and all initial coaching conversations have taken place. Matt Drought, from Natural, has put together a piece to ensure you are all aware of the programme our Managers are undertaking during 2020.

The team and I are always available to answer any questions or discuss any people-related topics. Pop past or pick up the phone at any point, we are here to help.



Well done to Louise Martin-Simms for taking part in the monthly Lottery via Advantage and taking home £100 cash in January. 
Head to advantage via ViaNabo to register and potentially be the next winner.

World-Class Management Training in 150 minutes per month

The Management Academy is in full operation, with most Managers having completed their first coaching session with their Natural Coach. Finally our Managers are receiving a world-class programme that has been designed just for Exponential-e and quality-assured by one of the best educators in the UK, Dr Daniel Prior from Cranfield School of Management.The next stage are the workshops beginning in February. So that we are all super clear on what your Managers are doing this year, here you can see a table with a sample Manager Learning Path.

In this example, you can see how this Manager has spread the learning over the course of the year, which means the 30-hour annual workload is manageable. They have attended the mandatory elements in bold, which gathers them the most Academy Points (110/140 needed to pass). Then, they complete two fieldwork assignments, enjoy a few episodes of the Scar Tissue Podcast, and watche a few extra videos. By the time they sit the final exam, they have achieved 160, well over the 140 point pass rate to get into Year 2.

So, in summary, to pass Year One and be invited to Year Two, an individual must:
  • Complete all mandatory elements in bold (coaching, training, exam pass)
  • Pass the final exam
  • Achieve 140 learning points or more
The best news is that they have completed all this learning for only 150 minutes per month.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact James Quinn, or call me personally on 07753926621, and we will ensure you are fully prepared for success.

Yours naturally,

Matt Drought
CEO, Natural Training

AI and Big Data


In 2019, we worked with a customer who owns and operates a mine in Mozambique to help them identify their key business objectives and advise them on how to succeed on these. Throughout our discussions with them, we defined the below key objectives:

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How your organisation can be more flexible


In today's competitive environment, being flexible is a fundamental part of any business strategy to survive. To be flexible, organisations must make the necessary changes needed to respond effectively to the changing market. One simple way organisations can increase their flexibility is by using the innovative technology solutions and services that are available.

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How technology enables organisations to be more agile

Although 'agile' has become a hype word, it is an important concept that organisations should strive to achieve in a world of continuous change and uncertainty. Being agile enables organisations to be more adaptive and reactive to the changing market, allowing them to respond quickly to customers' demands to keep a competitive edge.
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