HR Update

HR Update

Once a year we reach out to you all to complete the Annual Employee Survey. We were very pleased to achieve an 88% completion rate this year. The time you take to complete the survey helps us continue to shape Exponential-e as we grow and move forward, so a big thanks to everyone who responded!

Employee Survey

Each year, we take a look at the positive responses as an average for each category and compare YoY. Once again this year we have seen an increase on the overall positive response and the average for most categories has either remained neutral or slightly increased, with the exception of the 'Recommendation' category (see graph).

As a reminder: A positive response is when an individual has answered the question with either 'Strongly agree' or 'Somewhat agree'.

Would you recommend Exponential-e to a friend or family member? 86% said 'Yes' - this indicates to us that a large majority of our employees are engaged and would recommend us a company to work for.
While this is obviously a pleasing result, we have dropped 1% when we look year on year (YoY), which is something for us to review.

Over the last three years we have seen a 20% increase in positive responses to Compensation and Benefits as a category, and there has been a 31% increase of positive responses to the question 'Does Exponential-e offer a comprehensive benefits package?'. Once again, YoY it is great to see the results heading in the right direction.

The question on what further improvements could be made resulted in the following themes being identified. (See top of right-hand column.)

This year we saw a great response to the open questions. These responses have given us an improved understanding of the concerns, frustrations and suggestion of people within the business. As an Exec team we are currently reviewing all the open comments; however, the next few graphs will give you an understanding of the themes that have been collected so far.

What suggestions do you have for the improvement of Exponential-e?

What one thing would you suggest we do to help us continue on the path to 4.0?

What can Exponential-e do to enable you to be the best that you can be?

What information do you need that you are not currently supplied with?

As you can see from the themes above, we have some consistent messages that have continued to come through all the response,
these include:

  • Automation and Processes
  • Facilities and Workspace
  • Collaboration Across Teams
  • Learning and Development
  • Communication

These areas will be a main focus for us to build upon, and over the coming months we will be planning and communicating how as a business we can look to address these common themes.

On the subject of "Facilities and Workspace", as Lee mentioned in his Introduction, I can confirm that the upgrade to our London Headquarters will commence in November. We will be starting with a full refurbishment of the Reception and Meeting Rooms on the 5th Floor as well as full replacement of the bathrooms on the 5th Floor. We will then continue the upgrade to across all floors when we take possession of the additional floors in April 2020.

A big thank you once again for the time taken to complete the survey - we will continue to communicate in due course.

Hot Jobs:

You could earn up to £2,500 by referring a candidate for one of our vacancies:

  • Senior Core Network Engineer
  • 3rd Line Network Specialist
  • Channel Partner Manager
  • NMS Engineer

Innovation Spotlight


​It is of course no accident that we call our newsletter Innovate. Applied innovation is our bread and butter. However, due to the ever-increasing size of the business, it's sometimes difficult for everybody to hear about all the successful innovations that are going on.

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Finance Update


The feedback provided by the recent employee survey tells us that many of you feel that we don't do enough as a Company to keep you informed regarding our financial performance.

In order to address this, I have asked for a new section to be included within each Innovate newsletter going forward, providing readers with a very high-level financial update.


We added £12m of revenue in August. This means that year-to-date, after 7 months of trading (i.e. from February 2019 to August 2019), we have accumulated total revenue of £81.7m. 

  • On the positive side, this represents growth versus last year of 12.8%; growth of a pure organic nature, in a challenging market.
  • On the negative side, this is a performance that is considerably below the business plan we set at the beginning of the year, when we set a stretch target to close the year on £150m.
  • Our latest forecasts suggest we will finish the year around the £142m mark.
  • In the chart below, the blue bars represent revenue last year, and the orange bars represent revenue this year (i.e. FY20), which I will update and share monthly so you can see how we progress towards our year end in Jan 2020.

Margins are growing

  • Another positive aspect to our financial performance is that margins are growing. Both our gross margins and our net profit margins are up almost 3% versus last year.
  • Margins are very important; commercially we are under constant pressure to sharpen our prices, particularly when our customers renew our contracts. So, everything we can do as a team to fight these pressures translates into a healthier financial performance.

Reviewing some of our investments coming down the track

Reviewing some of our investments coming down the track

We've never been a company that stands still and rests on its laurels. We are always 'on the move'. But quite often - as has emerged very loudly from our staff survey - we overlook informing our staff of such investments and our on-going performance. Clearly, that's not very inclusive at all! The most common response to the question 'What information do you need that you are not currently supplied with?' was 'Company information'.

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New Starters

At Exponential-e, we welcome a new group of starters every month. In this section you can put a name - and job role - to all those fresh faces.
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Marketing update


Previous Events

  • Public Sector Networks Summit  - London: 17th September 
  • Managed Secure SD-WAN event - The Ritz, London: 19th September 
  • Construction Roundtable - London: 24th September 
  • Silicon Cup Regatta - Portsmouth: 26th September 
  • VMware User Group - Newcastle: 26th September 
  • Vis-à-vis Technology 2019 - Hertfordshire: 29th September - 1st October 
  • Wolverhampton Council Meet the Buyer - Wolverhampton: 30th September  

 Upcoming Events

  • VMware User Group - Edinburgh: 3rd October
  • Richmond IT Directors Forum - Hertfordshire: 7th-8th October
  • London Law Expo - London: 8th October
  • Strategy Insights, Strategic IT Meeting UK - London: 6th October
  • Digital Construction Week - London, 16th-17th October
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration. Cisco or Microsoft - Which Team is right for you? - The Ritz, London: 17h September
  • Capacity Europe - London, 28th-31st October
  • MemberWise Digital Excellence (joint event with Opus Technologies) - London: 31st October


  • Beyond Boundaries whitepaper campaign (email campaign to around 115 contacts and whitepaper DM to 30 identified prospects)

Spotlight on the Legal Team

Spotlight on the Legal Team
The Legal team is responsible for all Exponential-e's contractual relations with customers and suppliers. We draft, negotiate and amend contracts, undertake dispute resolution and litigation, and regularly deal with police and security services with respect to prohibited usage of our services.
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Q219 PRIDE Awards

Congratulations to the winners, the runners up and nominees for the Q2 PRIDE Awards.
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National Customer Service Week


Coming to you the week of 7-11th October 2019

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Customer Comments


We all work hard at Exponential-e, and we are not the only ones that notice this! Our customers are always leaving us positive feedback - and you can read some of the comments here.

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Culture Club


Our Culture Club is always working hard behind the scenes to make sure we have fun company events to enjoy. Find out what they've got planned for us (asides from their usual Thirsty Thursday events).

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Customer Wins


Here you'll find the best of the many new deals our sales teams close for us each month, including what customers we've won, which Exponential-e people have worked on these deals and the TCV.

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