Impact of the latest Google update

You will no doubt have heard the news of Google’s change to the layout of their SERPs – which primarily involves the removal of the right-hand side ad bar. As with all changes that Google makes to their algorithm and website structure, we want to know exactly how it might impact upon us – and most importantly if it will cost us any additional budget.

So, put simply – here are some of the impacts you may find upon your PPC campaign due to the latest changes from Google:

Average Position

You will now need to get your average position higher to ensure that it is viewable on the 1st page, and most importantly above the fold. Further focus on ensuring that your keywords are within your website to ensure a high quality score, and also attention to your bidding budgets will enable you to enhance your positioning here.

Without ads on the right-hand side bar there is less distraction for a user, therefore meaning that more focus will be on the adverts that appear at the top of Google than ever before. Being number 1 was always the goal, but I believe now it is even more so!


Instead of 11 adverts showing on a SERP there will now be only 6/7 - aside from for ‘commercial’ search terms, of which Google needs to provide further clarity. This means that typically you should expect the number of impressions you currently receive to decrease as less people will be seeing your advert, particularly if it has an average position that now knocks it off of the 1st page.


Expect this to increase as you will need to further drive your spend on adverts up in order to beat competition to the headline spots. With only 3 to 4 spots now above the organic search results, being here is key to ensure that users spot your ads and click your URL/CTA.

This will also increase competition as all advertisers look to do the same and aim for those top spots.

Of course, it is still early days for this new change/update and so we are seeing it evolve day to day. The above is a brief overview of how the change could possibly impact your business and PPC activity, but it is by no means definitive. With any PPC activity you need to ensure that you are constantly reviewing it to ensure it is performing as well as possible – and giving you a good ROI.

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