How has the internet increased productivity?

Whilst generation Y has grown up immersed in technology, and therefore doesn’t really remember a time when the internet didn’t exist in some shape or form, there are many that knew what life was like without it. Just how much has it changed our world and assisted in making us all increasingly productive?

In a recent blog post we looked at what technology doesn’t enable us to do but it’s not all doom and gloom – there are a vast array of things that we are now able to do better, faster and easier thanks to the internet and technology enablement.

The introduction and subsequently the rise in popularity of smartphones have given the internet a real push to be accessible by all, in remote locations. Now the vast majority of us in the UK (70% in fact) have instant access to the internet in our hands – and that in itself is incredibly impressive. Now we can access a huge quantity of apps that aim to improve our daily life and make it far easier.

With new apps being introduced on a daily basis there is rarely a situation when you cannot find one to do the job you need it to. From shopping lists to online ordering, video editing/sharing and fitness tracking there is so much that these gadgets can offer and enable you to do.

Of course we cannot ignore social media either. Whilst not all of us may use it to increase our productivity, I have seen myself the number of people that spend their day sharing photos of cats, there are industries where it can be incredibly useful. In the world of journalism, for example, instead of having to contact or email a variety of sources to try and find a story they can simple send out their request and attach the hashtag #journorequest. This way they will reach a wide audience at once and hopefully garner some responses in a much faster and more productive way.

The workplace too has immensely benefitted from the internet and employees are now able to do a huge amount of things without leaving their desk. For example, video calls can be made instead of physical meetings being attended, and IM means they can instantly speak to their colleagues instead of visiting or calling them. The introduction of Unified Communications could never have existed if it weren’t for the increase in accessibility to the internet and also the reliability and speed of it even when used remotely from the office.

There is no denying that the internet has increased productivity and it is clear that whilst technology is evolving further, particularly with the Internet of Things (IoT), it can only have further positive effects on both our work and personal lives.

How has the internet increased your productivity?

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