Government scheme leads to increase in superfast broadband

Since its launch in 2013 the Superconnected Cities voucher scheme has been allowing businesses to ramp up their operations with a superfast broadband connection. This has been a lifeline to many businesses that could not previously afford the installation of such services, and has assisted in boosting productivity for a variety of companies.

With recent updates in April meaning that the scheme is open to 50 cities across the UK, businesses needn’t miss out on increasing their broadband speed and reliability.

Essentially the Superconnected Cities scheme offers businesses in selected cities a voucher for up to £3,000 towards the cost of installation of superfast broadband. This can be from a number of suppliers that offer the service, of which you can find the list here.

Future proof your connection

Not only will implementing a new broadband line in to your business assist in boosting productivity and employee morale – but you will be future proofing your infrastructure too. Slow connections are truly a thing of the past and hold no place in business. Much of the latest software available relies on a reliable and fast internet connection; meaning that without one often this software becomes redundant or truly unusable.

The increase in the use of solutions that transcend the internet, such as Unified Communications, means that broadband needs to be able to process and manage this traffic and data suitably. Speed and low-latency are essential to ensure that tools such as this work as they should; instant messaging is a great tool if messages really are getting there in an instant!

Regardless of what your business does, superfast broadband is a commodity it can no longer do without. Implement your new broadband connection and save on the installation fee with the Superconnected Cities scheme – but act fast, the scheme ends in 2016.

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