G-Cloud 6 now live

With the recent influx of public sector events and the increase in the use of Cloud technology within this sector, you have no doubt heard a mention of G-Cloud and perhaps even their latest introduction of G-Cloud 6. Whilst this is all well and good, how many of us know just what this is and how it could benefit those within the public sector?

To put it simply, the G-Cloud 6 framework is dedicated to the public sector, enabling organisations within to exploit commodity ICT products and services through the use of Cloud Computing technology with confidence.

Only approved suppliers are able to supply through the framework and with the recent launch of G-Cloud 6 it has garnered a lot of interest.

What is the purpose of it?

The G-Cloud framework sets out to deliver better public services for less cost, and to release savings by implementing technologies that increase public sector productivity and efficiency. Rapid time to deployment of online services is critical, and cloud computing offers short procurement cycles and short deployment times, which help reduce application development lead times.

How does it benefit me?

The ability to select from the providers within the G-Cloud 6 framework means that you can be reassured you are selecting from only a few choice providers. Opting for a provider that has previously assisted in developing the journey to the Cloud for other public sector organisations allows you to be in safe hands for the duration of the process.

It also allows you to quickly and easily purchase services at the click of a button, meaning your journey to the Cloud can be expedited.

With a range of products and services from various providers on offer, G-Cloud 6 enables those in the public sector to make an informed decision surrounding their IT estate with the knowledge that the providers made available to them have been specifically selected.

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