Reduce complexity, increase speed and reliability

The world of finance is complicated with venue fragmentation, increasing amounts of data, new regulations and constant change at a rapid pace. Keeping up with increasing business demands within these conditions is a significant challenge for IT departments in the sector.
Connecting to multiple venues, increasing mobility of workers and staying constantly connected to customers are just some of the challenges faced in the finance sector.

We work with over 250 Insurance organisations, Financial Trading and Financial Services firms including Morningstar, Cobra Resource Management, Group BBVA, and Celeritas to address all of these challenges.

Financial Services

Connecting to the world of finance

Thriving in an ever-changing global economy requires thinking and connecting beyond your current financial footprint. Connectivity to multiple sites, venues, market data providers and datacentres is the life force of Financial Services. The world of finance continues to add oceans of data; posing capacity, security and connectivity challenges.

Reaching your customers whenever and wherever

Fast, reliable connectivity to customers is crucial for the Financial Services sector. Unfortunately, legacy voice and communications systems are often disjointed, complicated and costly to maintain. In addition, the sector is seeing an increase in home and remote workers who must stay connected to customers at all times. Our Voice services, converged with Internet and Data applications, provide a foundation for one Unified Communications platform.

The converged platform provides greater performance, efficiency and cost savings. With a unified communication platform, the corporate Cloud can be extended to enable cost-effective home working and intra-site communication.

Data boom - customers, transactions & applications

Increasing amounts of transactions, customer data and storage for historical databases, applies significant pressure on infrastructure. Investing in scalable connectivity is the smart alternative to multiple connections and increasing bandwidth incrementally.

Exponential-e’s 100GigE Layer 2 Ethernet Network delivers Connectivity to some of the world’s major Financial Services organisations. With one connection allowing for multiple services, Connectivity to Cloud providers and Data Centres can be done seamlessly. Adding on demand Data Storage avoids expensive storage area Networks and synchronous replication of licenses.

We work with leading Financial Services companies including: BBVA, National Bank of Australia and SEB.

Financial Trading

High-frequency, ultra-fast Connectivity

Adapting to rapid change within Financial Trading is a business imperative. Failure to keep up with increasing regulation, a constantly changing market and new technology can cause a loss in revenue. In order to remain competitive in this fierce landscape, products and services need to reach the market quickly whilst meeting regulatory requirements within tight timeframes.

Ultra-low latency for sub-millisecond market reach

Connecting to multiple exchanges, datacentres, trading partners or exchange venues requires resiliency, ultra-low latency and high performance. Every second counts and delays can have huge financial implications.

Whether you’re on the buy-or-sell side, our Financial Trading solutions provide rapid interconnectivity to the specific exchanges, execution venues and market data providers your firm relies on.

Native Multi-cast

Our network is optimised for the trading sector, built on a fibre-optic core using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology, which offers low latency native multi-cast at Layer 2 for a legacy free approach when creating messaging groups. Find out more about Native Multi-cast.

Robust and scalable network infrastructure for data demands

The transparency required under MiFID II is placing new demands on products beyond equities; including bonds, commodities, derivatives and structured finance. Under MiFID II, pre- and post-trade transaction information needs to be made available for contracts which today, are traded over the counter (OTC) - drastically increasing the amount of data trading companies are responsible for.

In order to meet MiFID I requirements, Exponential-e built a network providing secure, high-bandwidth connectivity into the equities market and Data Centres. With many of the equity, derivatives, foreign exchanges, brokers and trading platforms already on our Network, increasing transparency, storage and access to data is simple, fast and scalable.

We work with leading Financial Trading companies including: Morningstar, London Capital Group and Altium Capital.

Trading Ecosystem

Seamless and dedicated connectivity for the Financial community

Gaining the widest range of data points and opportunities requires connectivity to multiple Financial Trading venues and counterparties. Connecting to FX data via point-to-point connectivity is expensive, complex, increases market fragmentation and hinders time to market. A Financial Ecosystem or Extranet enables market participants to come together on a common network infrastructure, which provides faster and easier communication than multiple disparate connections.
Our global, secure Financial Extranet provides quick and easy interconnectivity with:
Exchanges, MTFs and Liquidity Venues.
Buy-and-sell side.
Clearing and settlement.
Market data providers.
Application providers.
Application providers.
Cloud Services (Exponential-e’s and others).
Our customers benefit from an end-to-end service via our dedicated financial network, which encompasses IaaS through to multi-venue/counterparty access - meaning everything is outsourced and managed via an end-to-end service backed by one, comprehensive SLA.

Trading Ecosystem Features

Supports multi-asset classes including FX, Equities, Derivatives, Commodities.
Broad market reach.
End-to-end connectivity throughout the trade lifecycle.
Simplicity - one connection into multiple markets.
Dedicated bandwidth - without compromising on quality.
Fully managed - allowing businesses to concentrate on their day to day activities.

Trading Ecosystem Benefits

Higher quality of service - through an end-to-end SLA that includes the network and multi-venue/counterparty connectivity.
Cost-effective - reduce costs due to not installing dedicated infrastructure/lower cost of ownership.
End-to-end connectivity throughout the trade lifecycle.
Reliability - all accessed over our Network which is built with multiple paths and layers of redundancy.
Rapid time to market - connectivity to any participant can be done in days, not weeks or months.

Native Multi-cast for Financial Trading

Our Optimised Trading Network infrastructure supports Native Multicast at Layer 2, enabling unique functionality and a legacy free approach when creating messaging groups for Multi-Asset/Multi-Venue Trading Strategies. Within a financial trading environment the distribution of data, simultaneously between your servers connected over a Wide Area Network is critical when trading across venues in different geographical areas. There are many ways that you can speed up messaging within the LAN, in hardware or software, however you need to ensure the messages are distributed to all required servers as fast and efficiently as possible over the WAN.

Multicast messaging overview

Currently users need to configure GRE Tunnels to switch over routers creating dedicated Layer 2 tunnels across the core network, increasing the complexity and more importantly overheads/latency for critical messaging. Exponential-e’s optimised network for high frequency trading supports multicast natively within the core, allowing you to control messaging groups without any further configuration overheads, ensuring your data is simultaneously delivered to all sites and enabling you to run many models concurrently.

This key feature reduces complexity, eliminates unnecessary increases in network latency and improves efficiency in multi-venue models and trading strategies.

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