Exponential-e hits the road in charity fundraiser

In a challenging rally competition fundraisers from across the globe have just a £350 budget to acquire and design a rally car before racing it 3000 miles across France, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco finally finishing at iceSheffield ready to participate for team prostate in the allstars charity ice hockey tournament.

Our logo being emblazoned upon the bargain “banger” alongside the other sponsors of BTLC’s attempts; this sponsorship further strengthens Exponential-e’s support of partners and key charities

Exponential-e’s Head of Resellers, Phil Toms, said of the sponsorship: “We are incredibly pleased to be sponsoring our partner BTLC’s team for Banger3k Rally 2015. It’s a very worthy challenge and a great cause and I’m really looking forward to seeing their progress.”

Rob Lamden, Managing Director of BTLC added: “We are very excited about gaining the support of Exponential-e which will help us to become a more prominent and recognised team within the rally. Prostate Cancer is something that needs more awareness in order to catch any symptoms early as there are still many people out there that lack the knowledge or understanding.”

“I have family members that developed this horrible disease so I have seen first hand what damage it does to people around them while they are taking suitable medical treatments. Fortunately both made a full recovery. I want to raise money and awareness to help Prostate Cancer UK research and develop better medical solutions.”

Car Pic 2

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