Exponential‐e’s Belfry event marks first year of major Midlands investment

Last month saw Exponential‐e’s inaugural event at the Belfry, bringing together customers and prospects for a morning session exploring the cutting edge of hybrid cloud strategy. Encompassing ideas such as SD‐WAN being used in conjunction with Exponential‐e’s recently launched Cloud Management Platform (CMP), the event was teeming with attendees and conversation led by James Varnish, head of the Midlands team.

Of course, it certainly helped that the event also came with a limited amount of spaces to play the world‐renowned Belfry golf course, with technology topics giving way to handicaps and teeing off throughout the afternoon.

A success in its own right, the Belfry event was even more pertinent being held in the Midlands a year after the team was specifically set up (November 2017). Spanning Wales through to East Anglia, the team was established to provide an even greater level of attentiveness and knowledge to the thriving business community found outside of London or the Northern powerhouses. In particular, it was this knowledge of the area and its economic landscape, broken down by the team of six who each specialise in a particular area, that has made a major difference to customers.

Further to this knowledge is the aforementioned attentiveness; while practices such as our live, public NPS score demonstrates that customer service is high on Exponential‐e’s list, there were still improvements to be made, which were difficult when Midlands‐based clients were looked after by a London‐centred account manager. By having the Midlands team in place, planning meetings, reviews and troubleshooting can all take place in person – the old‐fashioned way of doing business that, according to feedback we’ve received, is really resonating with our customer base.

And that number of customers has substantially grown. Since November 2017, there are now 175 customers within the Midlands region, with over 500 having a presence in the area, whilst being headquartered elsewhere. There is also a swell of SME customers joining the Exponential‐e network, for whom it is especially important to have a local presence that can help them with their networking and cloud solutions. For smaller businesses, a problem with either of these that isn’t sorted quickly can have devastating results.

So, the Belfry event may have a first meeting between new prospects and Exponential‐e, but for James and the rest of the team, there has already been a year’s hard work helping those businesses in the Midlands to continue improving their business through powerful, future‐proof cloud and network solutions. And some substantial investment into motorway advertising has been spreading the word far and wide! But there’s plenty more work to be done and we at Exponential‐e know that we’re just teeing off.