Enterprise Cloud Adoption Triples in 2014

A hot topic that does not seem to be cooling, Cloud-based storage is something that businesses everywhere are contemplating and discussing. So is it any surprise that in 2014 there was a 33% increase in adoption across Europe?

The benefits of enterprise Cloud, particularly with regards to security and disaster recovery, make it an obvious choice for companies looking at alternative ways to protect their data.

Not only does this new approach assist in protecting you from external threats, but it can also ensure that internally your IT estate is protected too. Shadow IT can cause risks to your IT systems from inside your company; additionally the use of shadow IT can lead to a loss of productivity and ultimately profits. Considering introducing enterprise software can avoid this risk and stop staff accessing software such as Dropbox when tempted.

Dragons’ Den’s Piers Linney commented similarly in a recent interview with Real Business. He made a name for himself in Cloud computing, having co-founded Outsourcery, and encourages all businesses, big and small, “to embrace the Cloud in order to reduce risk and ease cash flow”.

A recent survey across Europe businesses found that in Q4 2014 782 companies were making using of Cloud services, compared to 588 in Q1 2014. Collaborative services increased too, supporting the need and adoption of Unified Communications, with services such as Microsoft Office 365 growing fastest across the continent.

Enterprise Cloud services possess the ability to protect a business in both their daily operations and in the event of a disaster. The monitoring and restriction on shadow IT is also a huge benefit to introducing Cloud in to your company.

(Reference: Skyhigh Networks)

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