Does Technology Dehumanise Society?

Technology is absolutely everywhere and it is almost impossible to avoid. Whilst it has created incredible opportunities, it also acts as a barrier in many instances between human interaction and real-life contact.

I am sure I am not alone in having been out for dinner and observed several couples, sat across from each other, both with their smartphone in hand. What has happened to the art of conversation and interaction, and is technology to blame?

It is becoming increasingly common for people to live life through the lens of their smartphones. At concerts they view the show through the screen of their phone whilst videoing it for their Facebook page, and people treating themselves to a meal in a restaurant risk their food getting cold whilst they snap countless photos of their dishes for their Instagram and blog.

Where does it stop? Will we no longer be able to enjoy a small moment of pleasure without the interference of technology? Will Generation Z no longer be able to hold a conversation in person, because they cannot use emojis and hashtags?

However, technology may not be dehumanising society entirely. Does the ease of access to things like online dating and LinkedIn groups actually aid face-to-face interaction? With the ease of meeting new people, that you likely would never meet without the use of technology, it is justifiable to say that for many technology is a direct route to improving social interactions.

But it is ensuring that these meet-ups and dates happen in person, rather than over a Google Hangout or Skype call, that is most important. Keeping the real-life element to interactions and group meetings means that better relationships will be forged and future generations will retain the ability to converse easily and naturally. There is a reason that video calling is so popular: we need to see a person’s face to properly connect with them, and there is no better way to do this than in person.

Was Einstein correct in his quote that “it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”?

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