Does flexible working encourage happy employees?

Over recent years there has been a noticeable rise in companies encouraging and allowing their staff to partake in flexible working. To put it simply, a flexible worker is an employee that works outside of a normal working pattern. Their working hours and place of work may change from one day to the next, meaning that companies which permit their staff to work this way have to give thought to the technology that they provide.

The increase in popularity of technology such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) ties in with the surge of companies partaking in the allowance of flexible working. Allowing staff to work from anywhere at any time, but still allowing them to work as if they are sat at their desk in the office, means that employees can remain productive whether at home, work or abroad.

But not all companies are quite there yet; in fact 12% of organisations openly admit that technological constraints continue to restrain them from offering flexible working opportunities. This hasn’t got unnoticed, with a startling 72% of employees struggling with their flexible working policy due to technology issues.

But technological constraints shouldn’t be a reason to avoid the execution of a flexible working policy in the long term. The implementation of a service such as DaaS needn’t be complicated; a smooth transition in to the cloud service will then enable your businesses to continue whatever occurs – in the event of a disaster, for example.

Updating and improving existing infrastructure could open up a realm of possibilities in relation to flexible working, as well as improving general work flow within the company. A solution such as DaaS could allow flexible working employees to provide 24/7 service to your customers; an important service for any company that may entail additional costs or logistical difficulties otherwise.

Providing a suitable technology solution to allow your employees to work remotely and flexibly will encourage a more proactive and productive workforce; 64% of employees that are able to work flexibly feel this has enhanced their job satisfaction and enabled a better work/life balance. This will boost morale amongst staff, leading to better job satisfaction and work processing.

Make your employees happy ones with DaaS.

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