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Effective Information Lifecycle Management

The 60% year-on-year growth of data for organisations is driven by digitalisation of services and increased levels of content sharing and collaboration. Traditional approaches of multi-tiered storage appliances are no longer relevant in a Cloud-native world.

With effective Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategies you can optimise data storage spend during digital transformation and enable next-generation application infrastructure. Exponential-e’s S4 Cloud Storage provides a multi-purpose, software-defined object storage solution to deliver fast and dynamic provisioning of resources.

Free up primary storage
Maximise application performance
Lower storage costs at scale

See how Exponential-e can help you optimise your data strategy and support wider security, archive and long-term data retention needs.

Gain more value from your data. Discover powerful use cases of S4: Simple, Secure, Scalable, and Sovereign. Find out more

How is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure changing private Cloud deployments for good?

Hyper-converged technology has evolved into one of the fastest growing areas in the private Cloud arena. The combination of storage, computing, networking and the virtualised management software in a single node enables high density data centre architecture.

The single nodes can be clustered and managed together as a pool of resources, increasing scalability and enhancing resilience. These centralised and integrated services reduce operational management time and infrastructure costs within the data centre.

Following extensive testing, Exponential-e has partnered with Dell EMC VxRail to deliver hyper-converged private Cloud architectures which can be operationalised within hours of delivery, fully integrated to our Cloud Management Platform. The result is rapid project implementation using a rich range of supporting hybrid Cloud services.

Typical ROI results

lower cost of operations
less time to deploy storage
improved application performance
less spent on hardware, power and maintenance

Business Benefits

Simplify on-premise private Cloud architecture
Faster deployment accelerates time-to-value
Integrated managed support and operational model
Pre-defined configurations for Cloud-ready solutions
Enable agile and high performance infrastructure

Reference Source: IDC White Paper, “The Business Value of Modernizing Infrastructure with Hyper-Converged Systems,” October 2017.

One bill and account novation

'One bill' is part of Exponential-e's innovative 'Power of One' service framework. What the ‘Power of One’ means to our customers is a new consolidated view with the ability to integrate and centrally control your private Cloud infrastructure together with wider Cloud services.

'Power of One' is enabled through the single-service infrastructure of our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and by the account novation process. The end-result? You’ll pay for all of your Cloud services at once, with only one centralised bill required.

How we enable powerful IT transformation

Exponential-e provides a series of pre-packaged hyper-converged private Cloud architectures for speed and flexibility. Standard service models integrated into the Cloud Management Platform (CMP) will accelerate deployment, simplify migration from your existing on-premise infrastructure, and enhance your existing Azure and AWS services.

Service Component Small Medium Large XLarge
VxRail nodes 4 5 7 8
Physical cores 64 160 224 256
vCores (usable at 4:1) 192 512 768 896
Memory usable (GB) 576 1536 2304 2688
Storage (TB) 24 53 81 96

How we enable this

To rapidly get our customers going with Hyperconverged Private Cloud we have a series of standard service models that can be taken with integration pre-built to our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) allowing linkage with your existing on premise infrastructure enhancing your migration path, or integrated to any Azure and AWS services already in operation. The ‘T-Shirt’ concept starts with three core configurations, each that can be modified if required for ‘Memory Enhanced’ or ‘Storage Enhanced’ modules based on your application performance / data needs.

Service Component Small Medium Large XLarge
vxrail nodes 4 5 7 8
Physical Cores 64 160 224 256
vCores usable 4:1 192 512 768 896
Memory usable GB 576 1536 2304 2688
Storage TB 24 53 81 96

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