When a DDoS Attack Strikes

This morning you have most likely been made aware that Facebook and Instagram suffered an outage, quite possibly after suffering a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Whilst they quickly worked to get their applications up and running again, the situation has no doubt given businesses worldwide a cause for concern on just how prevalent DDoS attacks are becoming and how important it is to protect themselves.

A lack of access to your services is a problem in itself, but just what further issues would an attack like this cause internally? Well, to start your company may face a loss of earnings – particularly if the attack is ongoing. E-commerce websites receive orders around the clock and loss of trading for even just an hour could result in them losing thousands of pounds. This shows how necessary it is to have a plan in place for as soon as an attack hits.

Whilst your staff are facing the issues that prevail due to a DDoS attack they are not focusing on their standard jobs; meaning that other internal issues may fall by the wayside. It is essential that you have a back-up plan for this instance, perhaps reserving a certain number of your team to deal with ongoing internal issues whilst the others work to resolve the attack.

Of course with any attack on your network, privacy and security are a major concern. A DDoS attack could be a smokescreen for something more sinister and so you need to ensure that your data and that of your clients or customers is protected. You will also need to ensure that any malware which may have been distributed across your network is cleared as this could lead to ongoing issues even after the DDoS attack has been resolved.

DDoS mitigation is the most commonly advised method of avoiding such issues; this is a set of techniques put in to practice for resisting an attack on your network. It involves the network traffic being sent to your website being processed through filters which will separate human traffic from “bots” and hijacked browsers. This is done through the comparison of things such as IP addresses, cookie variations and JavaScript footprints.

With the increasing regularity in which businesses are facing such attacks it is with great importance that you look to have a plan in place should you face such an issue. Consider working out how much your company could lose on an hourly basis should a DDoS attack effect business, this number makes a great case to present to management and ensure that you receive accurate budget in order to proceed with protecting your company.

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