Counting the Cost of Adverse Weather

Adverse weather is entirely unavoidable but can cause major issues which in turn can affect your business; from transport problems hindering employee access to the office to power cuts. However, despite this, many companies seemingly bury their head in the sand and avoid putting a disaster recovery plan in to place to deal with such situations.

Yet with new research showing that adverse weather is costing businesses £350m a year, this is something that companies should look to change.

Last year over 30% of UK businesses were affected by issues that arose due to adverse weather; which was not so much a concern for those with a disaster recovery plan in place, but for the 40% without one their business faced a loss of productivity and revenue – with their employees unable to work at home or from another location.

With the increasing popularity of Cloud technology and products such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), it remains a surprise that some companies are reluctant to implement a solution that would allow their employees to continue to work in the event of a disaster.

Businesses needn’t think that they have to make large scale changes to their infrastructure purely for their disaster recovery plan. The implementation of a solution which allows employees to work remotely could also increase productivity and workflow throughout the year. For example, with the execution of a solution such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) not only would a company have a back-up plan in the event of an emergency but this would allow their employees to work remotely throughout the year too. A step such as this would increase general productivity and allow a company, if they wish, to introduce a flexible working policy; which they may not have been able to offer previously.

With the threat of adverse weather throughout the year, from flooding to snow, there is no better time than the present to protect your business and profitability. Taking the step to introduce virtualization in to your IT department will not only allow your infrastructure to be future-proofed but also give you a solid platform to use should the worst happen and your company face disaster.

Don’t be one of the 40% losing revenue this year because of adverse weather conditions, put steps in place today to ensure that you have a suitable disaster recovery plan for your business should the worst happen.

(Reference: Fresh Business Thinking)

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