Could removing the ‘boss’ inspire innovation?

A huge growth in recent years of freelance workers proves the want and need for people to become their own boss, forgo the corporate power struggle and embrace their own ideas. So, could this transition be mirrored in businesses across the country – could removing the boss mean that employees work harder, are more inspired and more innovative?

Innovation is key amongst any business, it ensures that the sector continues to develop and grow – plus, of course, it ultimately makes businesses more money. Which is the name of the game after all. But could the way in which your business is set-up, and managed, actually be causing a conflict? Could it be dampening any opportunities for employees to be innovative and assist in the further growth of your business?

Do people think more creatively and “outside the box” when they are left to their own devices and not micro managed?

Personally, I believe so. When people believe their manager has faith in them to work alone and manage their projects without 24 / 7 monitoring they feel far more comfortable in developing and discussing their own ideas. For example, users that are able to work with some flexibility can challenge archaic processes and develop newer, smarter ways of working. Ultimately all a benefit to the business.

Of course we spend a vast majority of our lives working and so ensuring that employees are not following the exact same processes and rules day in, day out can massively increase their job satisfaction and make productivity thrive too. A little faith in a person goes a long way.

Knowledge = Power

However, the structure of businesses has been so for so long that it must serve some form of purpose?

For many in management, years of experience has honed their skills and enabled them to understand their specific sector and the job requirements. The reason that they are in fact an employee’s ‘boss’ is very often a direct correlation to their knowledge and experience.

So, could management actually support individuals and assist them in the development of innovative ideas? Surely their knowledge and understand could only assist in further bolstering an employee’s own, and ensuring that any idea they have are fit for purpose and practical too.

Whilst for many a business that allows individuals to work of their own devices, rather than managing their every last move, could allow employees to have the freedom they require to develop their ideas and the way they work – those with experience will always remain key.

So whilst removing the ‘boss’ might sound like a great idea to some, unless you are ready to go freelance management are here to stay – but removing just a few of those boundaries for employees could enable great things.

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