Cloud solutions ease Brexit uncertainty

Brexit has led to major uncertainty amongst business leaders. While the precise terms still need to be negotiated, businesses are strategizing on possible solutions on movement of labour, data protection, data sovereignty and access to markets outside the UK border.

The reality is that regulatory and economic conditions will change, necessitating the creation of new, flexible IT operational and consumption models to accommodate the changes. Speed to market, agility and above all, innovation, are key components in developing these new models.

Managed Cloud Providers that are able to offer innovative, costs effective solutions, covering not only sovereign requirements, but a hybrid of sovereign and European centric solutions, will predicate agility and growth for business leaders to mitigate risk and uncertainty.

Managed Cloud Providers can help businesses be better prepared in areas such as:

  • Data privacy, sovereignty, security.
  • Solutions able to enforce new regulatory and compliancy frameworks with minimal business impact, especially in areas of data compliancy and retention.
  • Reduction of IT infrastructure cost.
  • Utilizing shared services and outsourcing to mitigate increased costs for labour, if free movement of people is removed.
  • Accessing how cognitive analytics could create positive disruption and potential competitive advantages for organizations

There are no sacred cows. Organizations are preparing to think completely differently about resources and solutions, Managed Cloud Providers can drive this process by providing agile solutions in an uncertain time.

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