Connecting the Care Home

The Internet is an empowering tool, giving everyone more of a voice and choice, and putting you in control. It’s not age dependent; everyone wants to engage more socially now and improve interactions with family, friends and neighbours – where boundaries are not restricted.

But despite this Care Homes still lag behind in the technology field, and we wanted to find out what users of Care Homes thought about the technology (or lack of) available to them…

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Suddenly we all have an opinion on Technology

Suddenly we all have an opinion on Technology

As technology continues to interlink with popular culture, it has become increasingly “cool” to be excited and/or opinionated about technology.

Sorry ‘tech geeks’ but keeping up-to-date with tech news has become mainstream; and technology companies are fuelling this by aligning themselves with music, celebrities and fashion brands. As a result, having an opinion on technology is no longer exclusive to the specialists; and IT departments can expect to hear our opinions slowly creep in to the office.

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Spend a Morning at The Ritz on us!

Spend a Morning at The Ritz on us!

The Ritz hotel is renowned worldwide for its sophistication, quintessential English-ness and is without question a London landmark. However did you know that it’s also garnered a reputation for technical innovation? Here’s where we’d like to say we are similar.

Just like Exponential-e, The Ritz hotel is innovative to its very core. From its beginnings in Piccadilly The Ritz has always been ahead of the game in terms of its offerings – from implementing a sophisticated ventilation system, and including beds made of brass rather than the conventional choice of wood.

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