Casting your Vote Online

For a very long time those amongst us that wished to place our vote have had to visit a polling station on a specific date, ensuring we fit it around any other commitments for that day. But naturally with the evolution of technology people no longer expect to have to leave their home or office to have to vote; they want the process to evolve alongside technology.

Developing Technology

Ultimately not casting your vote is unhealthy within a democracy, but naturally there are many reasons that people might not be able to do so when we each lead such busy lives. With the innovative developments of Cloud based technology and now being able to run your life from your wrist with Wearable Technology, it stands to reason that the public expect voting to follow suit and evolve with the changing times.

Not only would this increase the numbers that vote throughout the country, but it may have a significant impact on the amount of votes cast by those of the younger generation also. Used to living their lives through their smartphones and tablets, this generation expects to be able to do almost everything through the internet and when they cannot it may mean that they are put off doing it entirely.

Security Concerns

However with any system that runs across the public internet there is a major concern: security. This is an issue across the board but it is an especially important consideration when it has something to do with the politics of our country. There are concerns that hacking could lead to the rigging of voting which of course causes apprehension. So, prior to the option to vote online being made publically available, this would be something that would have to be looked in to properly.

But really, is technology any less safe than pen and paper? With data encryption it is difficult for any person not skilled with the necessary expertise to hack or adjust the information captured. However a vote cast on paper could easily be amended or destroyed. So really is holding up the decision to make voting online available a sensible one, especially when it could allow our society to cast their vote in a more accessible manner and allow us to head towards a more democratic society?

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