Are you being held back by outdated technology?

Employees require the correct tools in order to do their job; a builder requires a hammer and a hairstylist requires scissors. So, why do we not ensure that our office based staff have the correct technology in order to complete their work efficiently? A recent survey discovered that 85% of the UK’s office workers believe they would be able to perform their duties more efficiently if their workplace was equipped with better technology.

So why are businesses holding back their employees from developing their roles, producing more work and assisting their company in ultimately making increased profits? Does the IT department simply quake in fear at an alternative technology solution, or do the Board of Directors not see the requirement for technology spend to enable their staff to do more?

Innovative technology = Innovative Employees

With the right tools for the job, and the ability work in a smarter way, employees are able to really show what they are made of. When they aren’t being hindered by a slow Internet connection or slow document retrieval from overloaded servers, employees can work as fast as they are able and in the way that they want or need to – not the way that technology is forcing them to.

Innovation, and looking at alternative ways to do things in a faster or more streamlined process, can be developed when employees have access to the software and hardware that they require. Desktop PCs that have been available in the office for years will no longer cut it. Their sluggish processing power, coupled with an inefficient LAN will demotivate employees and mean that they are constantly being hindered in performing their duties to the best of their abilities.

There needs to be more priority given to providing modern technology within organisations, or else suffer a demotivated and underperforming workforce despite how pleasant the company itself may be.

Budgets concerns? No more

The concept that changes in hardware or the underlying infrastructure will cost far too much to be feasible for organisations needn’t be the case. By utilising pay as you go models with Cloud Computing and Virtual Data Centres, organisations can actually be in better control of their budget – and their infrastructure. With charges only incurred by what you actually use, businesses do not necessarily need to outset thousands of pounds on hardware that they “may” need should there be a new starter or company merger. Instead they can increase and decrease capacity as is required.

With more and more companies turning towards the Cloud as a means of both storing data and revolutionising their infrastructure, it is clear that there no longer needs to be employees across the UK who feel that they are being held back in their jobs due to outdated and unsuitable infrastructure.

Improve your technology, improve employee satisfaction, improve company output… it’s simple.

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