An Enlightening Journey with Exponential-e

With limited background knowledge and not much experience in the world of work, I embarked on an exciting journey to improve and gain skills that I can use for the rest of my life. This week, working with Exponential-e, has allowed me to learn skills I never would have otherwise and improve on skills I already have. I spent my time in the company working with the marketing team to assist with their website and develop my knowledge on blog writing.

Why did I take on the work experience?

Before taking on this role I didn’t think that my joy of writing could be a transferable skill and I wanted to find ways that it could be used in a real world setting. I want to write for a career but believed my opportunities may have been limited. However, I discovered the company, much like many others, had a blog. I thought this would the perfect way for my skills to be used in the real world and took on the opportunity to work with the company.

What I did in my week at Exponential-e

My week spent with the marketing team has offered me many amazing tasks; from my work with blogging to researching, I have had the opportunity to assist the work of the team with website content and understanding their target audience. I have also been able to take a Lynda tutorial course on content marketing to improve on my writing skills.

I have really enjoyed my role in getting to research blogs and especially having the opportunity to write one myself. By working with other members of the team, I have been shown many writing skills that I can take away and use in the future.

Away from blog writing, I have been able to help the team with their website content to make sure it’s updated and correct. I have also helped them to understand what their customers want and discover what is popular in the company’s market sector by looking for magazines that have relevant content, showing what their current audience is looking at so that the company can meet the needs of their audience.

This has all helped to widen the opportunities of my career in the future.

How work experience has helped me

Working in the company, even just for this brief time, has helped me in so many ways to learn about the working world and see how skills of all kinds are transferable. I didn’t know if my skills of writing would be very transferable to the working world but I have learnt that they can be used in many aspects of a company which my time with the marketing department has shown me.

I was shown ways of improving my writing and making sure the audience would enjoy reading the content. I have taken many skills from my time and I have been able to apply them to my life. Work experience with Exponential-e has given me multiple opportunities to improve skills I already had such as my team working and time management, as I had certain tasks to complete by a certain day as well as making sure that I work with the team as my work could affect their work.

I was also able to improve my confidence in my work with the team – which wasn’t the best until I started this experience. Alongside this I have learnt many other skills that I can transfer to other parts of life, especially important ones like learning about commuting in central London!

How does work experience help young people?

In my time with Exponential-e I have learnt so many things and believe that many other people would benefit from an experience like this too. I believe that with a school or college environment, young people are limited in knowing what they want to do in the future, but work experience allows a genuine view of what working life is like.

Before work experience I would never have pictured myself in an office job but now I have decided I quite enjoy it, more than I expected.

I believe that without real life experience, young people won’t know what the working world is like and it limits the job opportunities they can receive too. The opportunities are limited as many companies only want to hire people who have experience in their industry, which reduces the number of young people that are able to apply, as they haven’t got the relevant experience. However they’re also limited in opportunities as the amount of skills they gain in a classroom is a lot less than in a place they would actually be working.

Work experience has allowed me to take skills I have learnt in a classroom environment and put it into a real-life setting. I believe through this I have developed and would be ready for a full time job. This, I believe, would be the case for many other young people too and I think everyone in school should have this experience to improve their abilities and job prospects in the future.


I believe that work experience has been one of the best things I’ve done. I have increased my skills of not only writing but working within a team, and my confidence has been improved so much from my time here. I have enjoyed it so much, especially experiencing a different lifestyle – a very busy London instead of the much quieter Yorkshire. Though, despite the hectic lifestyle, our Capital has now provided me a great opportunity I won’t forget and I hope that the skills I have developed will be reusable in many other settings later in life.

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