A Transition for Exponential-e

You may have noticed a slight change. Whether it’s to our website, social media accounts or email signatures. Exponential-e is transitioning to a new, brighter future and we are doing that through the power of our brand. A rainbow of colour now brightens our logo and we’re refreshing our digital estate and content with a cleaner, sleeker look. But why?

Our current logo has done us proud for many years, but with our company progressing so fast in innovation and growth we felt that it was time for us to look as strong, capable and agile as we are internally. The refreshed brand is a way to share that message with the outside world and ensure we look as modern as the technology that we offer.

Of course, the transition to a new brand and logo is not without difficulty. Our marketing team have been working behind the scenes for many months to get the new brand launched – but it will be worth it in the end, or so we keep telling them. It’s not until you look to rebrand that things start to unravel and you discover in just how many instances the current logo is used.

From all our product collateral, to the screensavers on our employee’s machines, everything needs to be changed and updated to reflect our new look.

The new logo is bold, bright and impactful. The colours represent our existing service catalogue and will be adapted as this expands. Operationally it is more functional and will enable us to do more to showcase Exponential-e and all it has to offer.

In the future we hope that the ‘e’ will become iconic by itself, automatically associated with Exponential-e by a quick glance of the eye, empowering our digital activity and acting as a standalone icon. Of course, for now we are just hoping to promote our revised look for a company that knows no bounds – and let’s nothing stand in its way.

A cleaner, brighter look launching on the 18th April. This is the future of Exponential-e.

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