A double-whammy of awards nominations for our cloud offerings

At this point, to say that technology has transformed every aspect of our personal and working lives is a bit redundant. What’s more interesting is to take a deep dive into the infrastructure that’s underpinned modern innovation as we know it. And that infrastructure, more often than not, has been cloud.

Consider the key technological achievements that have made the past decade so memorable: self-driving cars, streaming services, digital healthcare that helps people live longer, crowdfunding and cryptocurrencies. All have been powered by cloud computing.

With the importance of cloud in mind, we are delighted to announce that Exponential-e’s reputation for cloud excellence was recognised last weekend by not one but two key awards ceremonies: the CRN Channel Awards and the IAB BaM™ Awards 2018.

Now in its 25th year, the CRN Channel Awards has steadily grown to become the megalith that we know it as today. It’s a big deal, therefore, that we were nominated in their ‘Cloud Services Vendor of the Year’ category.

Channel is hugely important to Exponential-e, accounting for 40% (£41m) of our business. Of that £41m, 15% relates to cloud services. In the last year, our channel business has grown by 15% and we’re proud of the fact that we’ve contributed millions to our partners’ bottom lines in the same time.

No doubt that making the shortlist for ‘Cloud Services Vendor of the Year’ highlights our success in the channel. We’ve created a training-focused team who can better enable partners and deliver training to them, so that they can best understand how our cloud services and network can help them to grow their bottom line and increase deal size. This is boosted by the increased flexibility brought by our CMP.

Speaking of which, we were delighted to see our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) nominated in the IABM BaM™ Awards 2018 ‘Support’ category.

The IABM’s new, unified technology awards program is set in the near future to become the gold standard for broadcast and media innovators. The placement of our CMP on the BaM™’s shortlist is a sector-specific recognition of how our CMP gives broadcast and media companies a single view of all their cloud services across private and public clouds, enabling them to change and migrate services between cloud platforms.

Integrated into the CMP are Exponential-e’s Software-Defined WAN, Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), Managed Services, and End User Collaboration services. Enhanced security protects from cyber criminals trying to hack into unreleased content, and a rich range of supporting services speeds innovation and enhances consumer experience.

Making the shortlist for these awards reflects the strength of our unique Cloud-Network model, which we support with world-class engineering and partnerships. In a bandwidth-hungry landscape, the Network is the Cloud, which is why, at Exponential-e, we believe that ‘your Cloud is only as good as your Network’.

Ultimately, these nominations serve as a recognition of Exponential-e’s commitment to re-imagining the businesses of our partners and customers alike, helping them to go beyond the competition.