A chance meeting, a travel interlude and the opportunity ahead – Meet our new CFO

In business, time and luck is everything. My appointment as CFO at Exponential-e ultimately came down to timing. In 2011, I met Lee Wade at an Arsenal game. I’d just been promoted to Financial Director at Kelway, and I think he tracked the subsequent financial success of the company. When he was building a new team, he approached me and asked if I was interested. I suppose it was just fortuitous timing.

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I was given a new appreciation of time following the 6 month sabbatical I took with my wife in 2006, which we spent travelling around South America and South East Asia. I didn’t do a gap year as a student. Had I done it then, it would have been great, but I wouldn’t have appreciated the time in the same way as you do when you’ve been working for a number of years.

This appreciation of time has driven me to throw myself into exciting projects. By joining Exponential-e, I’m joining something that’s got real grit and big ambitions. What better use of my time than being part of that team to help achieve those ambitions?

What attracted me to Exponential-e?

Exponential-e is at a really exciting point of evolution in its life cycle. After 15 years, the business is sizeable enough that it’s credible, has the ability to raise capital, and do something transformational. Yet it hasn’t got so big that it’s become too unwieldy and corporate. That size is really important.

It also has such opportunity for expansion. From the outside I’ve seen the fantastic organic growth of this company. Innovation is at the heart of it all. It’s a great enabler for sustainable competitor advantage for our customer.


What are my aims as CFO?

  1. Re-architect the financial reporting – improving efficencies and relevance.
  2. Provide commercial insights to the business and to partner with leaders to maximise our EBITDA.
  3. Help build out the strategic landscape. In an upcoming offsite for the senior leadership team, we’ll be trying to craft the next 3-5 years of Exponential-e. I feel that I can glue everyone’s ideas together to create a strong, cohesive plan.

I have been really impressed with the openness I have been greeted with, and the strong desire across the company to make it even better. I don’t intend to waste a minute of my time as CFO of Exponential-e. I’ve already hit the ground running, and I think there are some huge opportunities for me to make a positive impact on this company.

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