A Brief Guide to Selling on G-Cloud

G-Cloud is a crowded market place, particularly for terms such as IaaS, and because of this it is really key that your services stand out against those of your competitors.

With just a few simple tips and changes to your service names and descriptions you could ensure that your services are gaining increased visibility on the framework, and that you are receiving an increased level of business because of it.

G-Cloud can be a fantastic tool and a great way to get your services in to the public sector, so ensuring that you are utilising it correctly is key to your success.

The G-Cloud Buying Process

This graph details the buying process on G-Cloud from start to finish. Understanding the process, and ultimately how potential customers benefit from it, with give you the insight you require to complete your submission as thoroughly as possible – giving you the best chance at acquiring new customers.


From market exploration, to a search process audit and obtaining the service award – breaking the G-Cloud selling process down is a great way to ensure you have covered every avenue and are portraying your services in the best light.

Tips to make the most of your submissions

  • You need to be found compliantly on G-Cloud, and many organisations are required to log the search terms that they used to find this. Therefore keyword bundling is not recommended, instead ensuring your service name and descriptions read well organically whilst featuring the necessary keywords is the best way to go.
  • Within such a crowded market ensuring you stand out is priority, therefore wherever possible ensure that you are featuring your USPs front and centre. Whether this is the fact that your service is private, official or secure for example – this isn’t something all providers can ensure.
  • The benefit to G-Cloud is that buyers can immediately view the pricing of every service, so ensuring that correct pricing is displayed next to each service is key – as is ensuring that the minimum contract length is displayed.
  • If you can offer a minimum contract period of a month then make this prominent – it’s a real benefit on G-Cloud and something not everybody can offer.
  • Make use of terms such as private, secure and official in service names to increase trust.
  • If you are aligned to networks such as PSN, Janet, etc then make sure you select these as filters. Many organisations will only use providers that can meet these certifications.
  • Your service name and description should be written in a natural way, making use of the keywords and search terms that users would use to find your service. i.e. IaaS becomes Private Cloud Compute.
  • The key front end components for you to utilize are the service name, service description (50 words), features (10 items) and benefits (10 items). Therefore you need to do your research and understand how best users are going to find your services and choose you over any other listings on the framework.
  • Make use of filters available to you, ensure that wherever possible you are completing an option for them they are the best way for users to narrow down their search criteria.

For further information visit the G-Cloud Framework: Buyers Guide.

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