8 tips when choosing an event management company

Sometimes to ensure that large events are organised and run to their very best you need to look for help outside of your organisation, alternatively you may not have anybody in-house that can arrange an event for you. Putting trust in one person or an external company to competently run your event is a big step, so I put together some top tips to ensure that you only select the very best event management company.

1. Put the feelers out in your own network

You are sure to have contacts in your network who have outsourced event management before and nothing is better than word of mouth.

2. Be sure to speak with three or more possible contenders

We always seek a minimum of three quotes from any supplier we use and you probably do for other suppliers, so do the same with event management. I know above I mention seeking recommendations but don’t stop there, seek at least two further event management suppliers as their methodology, daily rates and amount of time quoted can vary considerably.

3. Make sure they understand your industry

Yes, an event management company could say they can work in any industry but it means a lot to be familiar with your industry audience (even more so if it’s an internal event) before they begin working with you. An event agency with industry experience will have a better understanding of expectations, are likely to be aware of your competitors and will be able to offer creative ideas which may put you ahead of the rest.

4. Check they have organised similar style events previously

Again, event companies may say they can organise any event from weddings to conferences which is all well and good. But if they have organised similar style events to the one you are wanting help to with they will already have a tried and tested project management framework saving them time and you money.

5. Ask for references

The company should have nothing to hide so won’t mind handing over a contact or two for you to call.

6. Be clear with what your expectations are

In order to get the most accurate information, proposal and event ideas make sure you clearly outline what is expected. Do you need a project manager or somebody to work alongside you? Do you have your event format sorted or are you looking for fresh ideas for a new agenda? Tell us as much information as you can so we can offer you solutions which are relevant to what you are looking for.

7. Same brief for all

Give the exact same brief to all potential suppliers and if you are asked questions by one supplier share them with everybody, it will be easier for you to compare their proposals and give everybody a fair chance to put their best proposal forward.

8. Go with your gut

If you have met the contact face-to-face before maybe at another event great, if not I would suggest meeting face-to-face if you have time which will allow you to get a good vibe from the person and get to know who you will be working with or at least leading the event team on your behalf.

But this is the most important point for me, go with your gut. You will know who is a good match for your business and who you can trust to represent your brand, so listen to that gut feeling. I am sure after going with all the points above you will have a pretty good feeling of who to go for – trust it and go for it.

Happy Event planning everybody!

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