6 top tips for a successful B2B event

As a company that spends a lot on B2B events, we have often been unsure of whether they will be a success or not – having to learn the hard way once or twice. Particularly at large exhibition events there are things that are out of your control and could affect the success of the event for you; but do not fear! Ensuring that you and your company are well prepared for the event will mean that despite any other issues that may arise you will be suitably prepared for prospective customers.

Our past experiences and the need to ensure that every event we host or attend is a success means that we have created our own pre-event planning list that is almost bulletproof. We thought we would share it with you to ensure that you too can work towards hosting a successful and enjoyable event – for both your company and your guests.

So, without further ado, here are our 6 top tips:

1. Plan – Plan in advance, creating a checklist of everything and anything you could possibly need. Don’t forget the small stuff like sellotape and scissors either; you never know when you may need them! Create a checklist for everything you want to bring with you and if you can manage it always bring more than you expect to need.

2. Visualise – If you are employing the skills of an exhibition company to build your stand for you make sure you book an appointment to go and see your stand before it is delivered. Visit at least a week before the event to ensure you have all the last minute details finalised. You can never properly visualise your stand from a PDF document, checking the artwork in person is key to ensuring that you won’t be disappointed come the day of the event.

3. Appointments – Think about pre-booking appointments at your event and promoting this beforehand. You will most likely have sales people on hand during the day, as well as any possible collateral, so it is the perfect environment to engage potential customers and talk to them further about your company and products.

Having people on the stand that have pre-booked will also make it look busier and entice others at the event to see what all the fuss is about!

4. Demos – Demos are a great way to showcase your products at an event, but often the WiFi can be intermittent – especially at large trade shows. Don’t rely on this connection if you can avoid it, have a back-up plan and don’t depend on live demos either.

5. Hashtag – Social media can both boost attendees to your next event and also aid in spreading your company name across the platform. For your next event, why not think about creating a custom hashtag on Twitter? This will allow attendees to view and join in the conversation. Just ensure that you don’t make it too long or people won’t be able to fit it alongside their content.

Most big shows have their own hashtags and these are a great way to connect with other companies and attendees before, during and after the event.

6. Ideas – No idea is unique; all of the stands at large exhibitions have been designed and created from inspiration garnered from other stands. If you have a spare 10 minutes or so, ensure you take a walk round and look at the others at the event.

Take note of anything that could accentuate your own companies stand and don’t be afraid to ask what supplier they used – or to take pictures!

Whilst these large events take a lot of planning and are great for brand recognition, don’t expect an immediate return on investment from this type of event. Instead look at it over a longer period of time – and have fun whilst being there too!

Do you have any great event organisation tips you can share with us?

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