Tech can’t talk: why the tech industry needs to speak human


Welcome end-users! We’ve all played buzzword bingo at meetings. While it’s fun to spot managers and even supposedly normal colleagues using words like leverage, mindshare and bandwidth, and perhaps even phrases like touch base, low hanging fruit and win-win situation, none of these come anywhere near the tech industry’s continued insistence on openly describing its precious customers – even on TV, radio and in print – with those hugely derogatory terms, ‘end-users’ and ‘consumers’.

What horrible, un-human phrases. It’s not uncommon to read press articles where someone in IT is bemoaning the lack of respect his industry has, but the solution – to ‘develop a better end-user perspective’ – merely underlines the core problem; tech can’t talk.

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6 top tips for a successful B2B event


As a company that spends a lot on B2B events, we have often been unsure of whether they will be a success or not – having to learn the hard way once or twice. Particularly at large exhibition events there are things that are out of your control and could affect the success of the event for you; but do not fear! Ensuring that you and your company are well prepared for the event will mean that despite any other issues that may arise you will be suitably prepared for prospective customers.

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Casting your Vote Online

Online Voting

For a very long time those amongst us that wished to place our vote have had to visit a polling station on a specific date, ensuring we fit it around any other commitments for that day. But naturally with the evolution of technology people no longer expect to have to leave their home or office to have to vote; they want the process to evolve alongside technology.

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Technology Made Simple

Technology Made Simple

The world of technology is ever changing, and with such fast growth comes a deluge of new words, terms and phrases that none of us were previous aware of. Topics such as “cloud” and “the internet of things” have been floating around across the past year, but just what do they mean?

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Do women improve boardroom dynamics?

Do women improve boardroom dynamics?

A rise in the number of female non-executive directors means that the FTSE 100 is on track to achieving Lord Davies’ goal of having more women on the board by 2015. In total, women should hold 25 per cent of boardroom seats in just two years. However, increasing the number of women that are represented on the board needs to be a priority for all companies, not just the FTSE 100. Continue reading “Do women improve boardroom dynamics?”