Casting your Vote Online

Online Voting

For a very long time those amongst us that wished to place our vote have had to visit a polling station on a specific date, ensuring we fit it around any other commitments for that day. But naturally with the evolution of technology people no longer expect to have to leave their home or office to have to vote; they want the process to evolve alongside technology.

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Wearable Technology


It is one of the most recent advancements in technology and has the scope to become something each and every one of us will own; wearable technology is already making great ripples in the technology pool.

However, whilst the advancement itself is pretty recent, with such a fast paced industry companies are already looking at ways to improve their offerings. For example, Google has withdrawn the sale of their Google Glass technology that was previously offered for sale in the UK at £1,000. Continue reading “Wearable Technology”

Counting the Cost of Adverse Weather

Counting the Cost of Adverse Weather

Adverse weather is entirely unavoidable but can cause major issues which in turn can affect your business; from transport problems hindering employee access to the office to power cuts. However, despite this, many companies seemingly bury their head in the sand and avoid putting a disaster recovery plan in to place to deal with such situations.

Yet with new research showing that adverse weather is costing businesses £350m a year, this is something that companies should look to change. Continue reading “Counting the Cost of Adverse Weather”

What is the “Internet of Things”?

The Internet of Things (IoT)

With technology ever developing we are forever seeing new words and phrases, often not really knowing or understanding what they actually mean. From Cloud to DaaS and IaaS, these words and abbreviations are thrown about in expectance that we already comprehend them.

One of the latest of such words is the “Internet of Things” or “IoT” – an increasingly popular topic of conversation. Continue reading “What is the “Internet of Things”?”

Should internet access be a human right?

Should internet access be a human right?

It might seem absurd to suggest, but could the lack of equality in access to the internet effect future innovation? With two-thirds of the world’s population not having access to the internet their full potential may not be realised.

Whilst the majority of us take our access to the internet for granted, from being able to access it directly from our smart phones to getting the WiFi on the underground, many do not have the same luxury and could this in fact lead to them not being able to reach prosperity? Continue reading “Should internet access be a human right?”

Are you getting the most from your workforce?

Are you getting the most from your workforce?

The way we use technology has evolved. The proliferation of mobile devices taking over our home and work life’s means that we are better connected than ever before. However in a world where we can easily access information on the go from any connected device are businesses getting the most from their employees?

I overheard an interesting discussion recently whereby a senior employee within a company was complaining that he is working long hours in the office because his experience of working from home had been so poor. Continue reading “Are you getting the most from your workforce?”

Prepare your infrastructure for Christmas 2015

Prepare your infrastructure for Christmas 2015

The festive season is the busiest for the vast majority of online retailers, from “Black Friday” to those buying last minute Christmas presents or shopping the sales from Boxing Day, but some stores just aren’t prepared for the sudden influx of visitors that they experience.

Last year many companies, including some big brand names, faced a meltdown on “Black Friday” when a large surge of visitors rushed online to purchase their cut price deals. But just why did this happen? Continue reading “Prepare your infrastructure for Christmas 2015″