SD-WAN won’t replace your WAN, but it will make it smarter


For all the hype that’s surrounded “software defined” there’s precious little tangible proof of a clear concise definition that everyone can agree on. To some it seems to mean a regression to the days of router-style technology where all networking decisions are made in general purpose CPU and RAM; to others it means little more than a fancy way of branding yesterday’s automation and orchestration software.

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Network spikes are for life, not just Black Friday


With the anticipation of Black Friday comes the behind the scenes panic for companies to ensure their infrastructure can withstand the typical flood of visits to their websites. But whilst this time of year has eCommerce websites pushed to their limits, are network spikes limited to the retail sector?

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What is the Blockchain?


Is this the digital world’s missing link? Nothing more complicated than a shared ledger, blockchain technology creates high-integrity databases whose contents are always up-to-date and cannot be tampered with without leaving evidence. The end result? They can be trusted by all that share it. It’s the technology behind crypto-currency BitCoin, but the blockchain is being positioned to revolutionise the banking sector, healthcare, social security payments, and even online identities.

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Hacking the Smart City


The concept of a smart city is one that I personally find incredibly interesting. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to introducing technology and connectivity across our cities, and introducing better ways to manage waste, traffic and other every day requirements. But could the introduction of this leave cities at risk of security breaches and cyber-attacks?

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What is Geofencing?


Buying a house is said to be about three things – location, location, location – and with the arrival of smart homes, that mantra will become indisputable. Forget the smart kettle, the connected toothbrush, and the fridge that texts you when you’re low on milk. No, the most impressive technology destined for the smart homes, and workplaces, of the future is geofencing.

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