Is online advertising too invasive?


A digital battle of wits began last week reigniting a much debated topic: are ad blockers ethical? On the 9th of August news broke that Facebook had begun circumventing Adblock Plus on its desktop website. For those paying attention this would come as no surprise given that advertising makes up 80% of the platform’s revenue. In fact, Facebook generated over $6bn from advertising in the last quarter alone.

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How the Mining industry got tech smart


From aluminium, copper and titanium to diamonds, gold and platinum, many of our planet’s natural resources are used by the technology industry to power the digital world and create the latest must-have smartphones and wearable devices. But the real jewel in the crown for the mining industry is the way it’s quickly embracing smart technology.

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Could removing the ‘boss’ inspire innovation?


A huge growth in recent years of freelance workers proves the want and need for people to become their own boss, forgo the corporate power struggle and embrace their own ideas. So, could this transition be mirrored in businesses across the country – could removing the boss mean that employees work harder, are more inspired and more innovative?

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Everything you need to know about SSL


It used to be that people worried about their personal information on the internet because they didn’t quite understand how it worked. Grandparents wouldn’t purchase plane tickets online because they didn’t want somebody stealing their credit card details, and conspiracy theorists refused to use email because they didn’t want the government stealing their ideas, that sort of thing. And the rest of us rolled our eyes

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