Going Beyond Voice


There’s something very strange happening in telecommunications, apparently there are more phones than ever in the UK, some 33.2M fixed lines and 89.9M active mobile connections at Ofcom’s last count; and yet the total number of voice minutes has fallen from the peak in 2008 of around 260 billion to under 220 billion! That’s 40 billion fewer voice minutes being logged in the UK in just the past few years.

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Cloud services drive UC spend


Cloud and Unified Communications (UC) are both terminologies that have come to market over recent years, but they have quickly picked up speed and developed in to “must have” tools for businesses everywhere. But could one be driving the other? With an increase in spend on Cloud amongst enterprises; this could in turn be driving the desire for UC too.

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Unified Communications: Growth in a B2B market


It seems as though every other month a new “hot” communication application emerges, begging to have itself heard among the others in what is now a mature and increasingly crowded space. Often the new application is a slight variation or reconfiguration of an existing one. For examples, is there a fundamental difference between the act of texting someone and using WhatsApp?

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What you need to know about Unified Communications in 2015


Your business has more communication channels than ever to choose from. Stalwarts like email and desk phones are joined by a range of options including video conferencing, instant messaging, collaboration tools and more. You’d think this would make it easier to keep in touch with customers and colleagues. But, paradoxically, having so many channels can complicate things.

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