How long can a business survive without digital transformation?


Digital transformation is one of the key buzz phrases of 2016. Over the last two years, searches for the phrase have surged. Businesses are starting to embrace a shift to digital working, and the most forward-thinking are reaping rewards. Customers are more engaged, and new technologies make staff more productive than ever.

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What’s the key to success in the Retail sector?


I joined Exponential-e at a recent roundtable event for the retail sector, enjoying an evening of insightful and enlightening conversation. It was interesting to see how one group of IT professionals within the retail sector believed one thing, whilst another thought exactly the opposite. Clearly proving there is no single magic formula for retail success.

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Can technology improve patient care?


The evolution of technology has been exceptionally fast paced in recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality being two such innovations that are bound to revolutionise the way the world works and operates in years to come. These innovations have not avoided the medical industry either, and in fact have enabled the sector to improve upon both patient care and the services that they are able to offer.

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What’s the future of advertising?


Advertising has been something that we have been surrounded by for so long that we often forget it is there – until it is done badly. With the changes in technology and the way in which we expect things to be delivered to us, when we choose to view them rather than when they are forced upon us, advertising has missed the mark when it comes to staying effective and relevant in our new digital lives.

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Technology Challenges of the Financial Sector


What challenges are faced by the financial sector when it comes to technology and regulations? Could the restrictions imposed mean that such organisations aren’t able to operate at their best – and instead mean that they are spending more time meeting stringent regulations than implementing technology that could enable them to work more effectively? Continue reading “Technology Challenges of the Financial Sector”