2018 technology predictions and trends

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Scott Goodwin, Director, Cloud Voice Services, Exponential-e

It’s that time of year when we start to reflect on 2017 and start to look forward to what the New Year will bring. Technology is changing the world we live in at such a rapid pace. This might seem like a pretty obvious statement, but for businesses the challenge is keeping pace with these advancements. Responding to disruptive forces and integrating them into your operational processes is not always straightforward.

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In customer service, can technology ever replace the personal touch?


When you’re running a small business, quality control is the most critical aspect of management. Often, it’s also the fastest skill you’ll learn. The risk of alienating a profitable customer is compounded by the risk of a bad review. But happy customers essentially do your marketing for you.

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Technology trends that will reshape businesses in 2017


With an endless supply of new technologies seemingly sprouting up year on year, the ability to record and store data that are crucial to, not only developers, but also businesses to target the right markets has never been more attainable. As consumers become more dependent on portable technologies (i.e. mobile devices), more data is collected that makes retailers’ marketing approaches efficient and effective. In fact, we previously discussed how businesses should make digital their primary sales channel. Continue reading “Technology trends that will reshape businesses in 2017″

Could a Computer Mimic Your Signature?


Many businesses now use e-signatures to authenticate documents and sign contracts. Some of these e-signatures are relatively primitive, and involve a scrawled line on a tablet or phone screen. At the other end of the scale, digital cryptography allows sensitive data to be stored, transmitted and shared. Yet this bypasses the most human form of security: the written signature.

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The power of non-verbal communication in the workplace


In 1971, Albert Mehrabian published the findings of two of his research studies into the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. From observing participants in a number of tasks Mehrabian concluded that 93% of what people communicate is non-verbal. This now famous statistic was calculated by Mehrabian documenting that participants in his studies absorbed 38% of information through tone of voice, 55% through body language and only 7% through words.

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